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Achieving Work-Life Balance As A Business Leader

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Running a business is a full time occupation. Some would say that it’s two full time occupations running side by side. The 60 hour work weeks, the sleepless nights, the worries. You could look back on the first 30 years of your business and realize that’s all your life consisted of. Your family took a back seat, you missed birthdays and school recitals, so how can this be rectified? You have to make sure the business is effectively run, especially when it’s a small business or a startup. So how can you achieve the work-life balance that you need while keeping your company operating smoothly?

Know What Time Of Day You Work Best

Some of us are morning workers, and some are night owls. When running a business, you need to make sure you are doing your tasks to the best of your ability, so if you thrive in the morning, take on the more difficult tasks. If you have the mid-afternoon slump (like we all do) then it would be best to leave applying for that small business loan until later on or the next day.


Delegate Responsibilities

If you find that the company wouldn’t be able to survive without you, it may be time to start giving key responsibilities to other employees. Giving the right work to the right people can give your business a whole new dynamic of working, and it gives you less to do, both very positive outcomes!


Find Ways To Relax

In the age of tablets and smartphones, we all have difficulty in switching off at night. In running a business, switching off is sometimes simply not an option, which gives rise to increased stress. While some stress is good for us, long term effects of stress can be very damaging to our health. Learn to understand your stress triggers, and find a way of relaxing that suits you. Like meditation, playing with your family, or focusing on a task that is not work related, such as planning an anniversary with your partner. While doing yoga in a hot room is beneficial for some, sometimes taking a “mental holiday” is enough to recharge the batteries.

Leave The Laptop and Mobile Phone In Work

Yes, really! If you feel that you can’t go one hour without checking your phone or can’t resist opening your computer in bed at night, it may be a good thing for everyone, not just yourself. Set up an answerphone message and out of office email and aim to leave your gadgets in work for one day a week, your family will thank you.


Take A Holiday Far Far Away!

You need to know that the business can survive without you being there, and the only way to test this theory is if you are nowhere near the business. Going away from the business after so long being at the helm may feel like someone is yanking your baby out of your arms, but if you get away for a short time, coming back to it will give you a whole new perspective.

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