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10 Most Useful Energy Saving Tips for Air Conditioning Units

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Few tips that can aid in reducing air conditioning energy cost and

Keeping the places of work, for example, offices, as well as homes, cool during the summer season can lead to healthier and happier occupants. Whether you install a window unit or a split system of air conditioning, you need to save on your compact electricity bills per month. Simultaneously, you should also prevent any mold and bacteria growth in and around the air conditioning system, so that the repairing costs do not shoot up unnecessarily.

# Thermostat Temperature:

It is important to set a reasonable temperature on the thermostat. Less cooling is needed if the temperature of the thermostat is shifted to the warmer degrees that still provide comfort. A room does not cool any faster if the thermostat is turned to a colder setting when the unit is powered on.

# Using Fan:

Air conditioners, while cooling the air around them immediately, are not very good for circulation of air in the rest of the room. Adding a few ceiling fans or a whole-house fan can result in much better cooling of the place.


# Keeping the Cool in:

Broken and moth-eaten windows and doors can lead to more energy usage by these cooling devices than required. The air produced can leak outside through gaps in doors, windows and walls. Weatherproofing can prove to be an efficient method to reduce the use of energy for both heating and cooling, and you can also hire professionals for sealing the leaks and cracks around the windows, or replace the worn-out structures.


# Reducing humidity:

In a humid climate, air conditioners help in cooling by removing the moisture present in the air. Thus, the efforts of these cooling devices can be amplified by employing a separate dehumidifier.

# Adding natural ventilation:

Less air conditioning is needed if ventilation of natural air is increased in a room. Opening a window on the top floor and in the bottom floor, or opening windows to have a cross ventilation, can help in reducing the additional cost and energy usage of cooling.

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# Maintenance of air conditioners:

It is very important to have a regular maintenance of these devices. For example, air filters are required to be changed periodically, coils need to be regularly cleaned off to ensure quality working of the air conditioning unit.

# Adding programmable thermostat:

Using a smart thermostat, instead of the one that has a simple temperature adjustment makes the management of the cooling requirements of home easier. It is because it allows optimal time scheduling for the operation of the unit, along with automatic shut down when not required.

# Rearranging the furniture:

It is possible that the air conditioner is cooling the bottom side of a sofa or the back of a chair, and not the room. It happens when furniture obstructs the vents of these devices. Although, plastic pieces for vents for forcing air in the right direction are available in the market, it is much easier to rearrange furniture to obtain the desired result.

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# Using blinds or drapes:

For keeping the room cool, it is advised to avoid direct sunlight in the room. Direct sunlight can increase the temperature of the room by ten to twenty degrees. Hence, the less heat gets into the room or the house, the less one needs to pay to remove it. The fabrics that you use in drapes should be heavy and dark in color, and you can also use Venetian or the Roman roller blinds to stop the penetration of heat into the rooms.

Further, you can invest in a unit which is more energy efficient can lead to twenty percent to fifty percent of energy savings. It not only reduces the cost of energy, but also helps in improving the quality of life.

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