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10 Practical Ways to Improve Yourself

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Not all of us were gifted with some amazing talents, not everyone is a genius, and not all people have enough self confidence. A person cannot have all necessary skills and knowledge from birth, but we really can change this, a shy person can attend oratory courses and become a great leader, while a human who had always been poor can earn millions. It’s all about your faith and desire!

You will face an uphill, long and exhausting work. But if you still intend to change yourself for the better, I hope these tips will help you to find motivation, reach all your goals, and eventually improve your life.

#1: Get rid of bad habits.

It is proven that the best way to improve yourself is to eliminate all of the bad habits such as smoking, drinking too much of alcohol, overeating, drugs, or anything else that may have a negative impact on your new personality.


#2: Start reading books and make it your daily habit!

What books you can start reading to enrich yourself? In my opinion, classic books are very useful because those had passed the test of time and generations, but it will also be interesting to read biographies of famous personalities (choose motivational success stories) and books on self-improvement, positive thinking or personal development.


#3: Pick a new hobby.

It can be anything – sport, dancing, web design, or anything else that will satisfy you physically, spiritually or emotionally. Of course, in a modern world it is not that easy to devote enough time to self-development as we all are busy, but there is always a way out; for example, if you are a student, you can save some time on academic writing by ordering papers at best essay AU and devote this time to your new hobby.

#4: Conquer your fears.

All people have fears, and the worst thing about it is that all our fears prevent us from individual growth and often don’t allow us to experience the life at its fullest. Almost always I think about my fears as the reason to grow up because if I have a fear of something, it represents what I have yet to solve and the solution it helps me to succeed.

#5: Wake up early.

Many successful people recommend others to start their days as early as possible because it’s a great thing to do in terms of time management, as it helps you to increase productivity and quality of life. When you Wake up early, your mindset is all ready to work and to stay active through the day, thus, waking up early is a good and useful habit for everyone who wants to make changes.


#6: Don’t watch TV.

I don’t watch TV for about 5 years. I realize that most of the programs and advertisements on TV are designed for low consciousness, and they are not really expanding your capabilities, instead, you can use this free time for other purposes, such as a favorite hobby, communication with friends, sports, etc.

#7: Start to act.

This is the best way to improve and gain new skills and knowledge, by waiting for a suitable moment – you are risking missing lots of chances, while taking action gives you immediate results.

#8: Learn from people who inspire you.

Think about people whom you admire, who inspire and motivate you, more likely they possess the qualities that you want to gain, so you have to determine and acquire them.


#9: Step out of your comfort zone.

Real growth happens with hard work and sweat, and when we feel very comfortable we’re not going forward, we are staying at one place. Where is your comfort zone? Are you constantly in it, afraid to get out of it? Shake up your routine, do something new and if you follow this advice – you will literally begin to grow because you’re going to act in new conditions.

#10: Always search for new opportunities to improve yourself!

All of the mentioned tips are effective and practical, but even after you reach first results, you should never stop searching for new ways of self-developments! It can be anything. For example, you can search for useful mobile apps, articles, meet with people who will inspire you, or anything else, the most important is never to stop!

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