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10 Tips for Learning Writing With the Help of Technology

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The world has changed, so has the writing profession. Technology has greatly revolutionized our lives especially the education sector. This has seen great improvements especially with the internet and advancement of technological devices like the computer, tablets and mobile phones.

The writing profession has been transformed by technology, with various types being incorporated into the writing process. This is a clear indication of how writing with technology is maturing. It has revolutionized academic writing by introducing new forms of writing such as the combination of different media formats such as print, still images, video, and sound.

From libraries, classrooms to the field of academic research, the use of technology has helped improve teaching, learning and writing processes and in turn help students be successful. Students can access, read, write and share academic resources with the help of electronic devices and the internet anytime from any part of the world.


In this article, we are going to consider how the various technological methods are incorporated into the writing process:

1. Using Automated Systems to Obtain Writing Feedback

There being many students than there are teachers, the exercise of grading students can be difficult to conduct. Budget constraints are preventing teachers from taking lighter class loads, and in turn, find it difficult to grade the students individually. This makes it difficult for them to award marks and give the kind of comments and insights that students need to succeed. This can be remedied by the use of technology and high-tech products and solutions that assist the students by providing the necessary help, thus the teachers don’t get overburdened.

Increasingly advanced, comprehensive and simple to use programs are available to help students fix errors in their writing by providing the required help. They also offer suggestions on the right ways of solving the existing problems during the writing process, when it matters most.

2. Blog Writing

Blog writing is geared towards a wide audience and this helps students come up with writing that’s targeted towards a wider cross-section of people. As a result, students acquire broader skill sets and in turn perform more collaborative work that yields web ready writing.

There are a number of blogging sites centered towards education that can help students craft great writing skills.


3. Writing via Tablets

Digital tablets are getting a wide acceptance around the globe as a standard tool for learning. This is directly influencing the writing process in a positive way. Tablets offer an easy way for students to share and view what they are writing. These gadgets can be loaded with custom programs that can assist students in advancing their grammar. They can also help students translate their writing into other media or enable them to work together on a variety of projects. Tablets also assist students in harnessing their research skills.


4. Technological Collaboration

Technology has really made it easier for students to work together on various writing projects. Data storage and sharing platforms such as Google Drive and Google docs allow students to share material and assist one another in solving pertinent challenges. Teachers and students can get to make and share collaborative writing with web-based services easily and in a productive manner.

5. Using Technology to Publish Writings

There are lots of great technologies available that allows students to publish their work. This gives them a wide audience with whom they can proudly share their work. This serves as a source of motivation for the students to produce better work. The advantage of using technology over the traditional paper in publishing and training is its ease of use and sharing capabilities. There are a lot of great resources available online that teachers can use to help promote students work. From school websites and blogs to the internet, these technology platforms can be used for the writing process.

6. Utilize Web Tools

Most states are adopting Common Core standards in schools and teachers are looking for ways to help students tackle the new writing guidelines laid out by Common Core which mainly focus on non-fictional writing. There are useful tech tools that teachers can use to teach students to write within the new guidelines and do offer writing practice.


7. Use Grammar Tutorials

Grammar tutorials tools help students understand grammatical principles as they write. These tools correct students’ grammar issues as they happen and as a result improves their overall learning experience.

8. Make Writing a Multimedia Experience

Technology today offers numerous multimedia tools that teachers can use in classrooms to challenge and engage the student with writing perfect assignments. Teachers can show students videos and plays in which students can get to write essays from.


9. Find a Real World Application

Many students hate writing and find it boring and particularly not useful. Finding practical uses of writing can help students foster their writing skills and get to learn practical ways to apply them. Teachers, through the use of technology, can help students engage more in writing by emphasizing their importance in the real-world such as writing product reviews or write educative materials on a day to day life activities like how-to’s, DIY, or step by step guides.

10. Use Tracking To Report on Students’ Progress to Teachers

There exists software that can evaluate a student’s writing progress and help the teacher keep an eye on their progress. These programs and applications help the students go through their writing process step-by-step, from prewriting to publishing. They also offer contextual help and feedback through the student’s writing process.


Technology, when well embraced by in the learning process can prove to be very useful in helping students with their learning in writing. It can give students new avenue and opportunities for learning, and ways to collaborate and create.

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