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10 Travel and Adventure Films You Need to See

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Have you ever felt an instant urge to pack your bag, explore and get lost some place else after finishing a movie jam-packed of travel adventures?

If you have an unlikely interest in seeing travel and adventure related films, you may have a constantly itchy foot that makes you yearn for seeing different cultures, traditions, picturesque sceneries and the likes through watching films. This could be your way of satisfying your travel appetite.

A number of things make us want to travel such as food, tradition, culture, festivities, and the works. However, movies set us afoot and high on wanderlust in their own persuasive way. Among the well-know travel films are Eat Pray Love, the Motorcycle Diaries, Seven Years in Tibet, and many more.


Gather your things and get ready to go, here are more of best travel films you should add to your watch list for these will surely induce you to take over the world and make your own adventures.

#1 Into the Wild


Location/s: Alaska and the wilderness

The film was directed by Sean Penn and was based on a real-life adventure and tragedy of Christopher McCandles. It is an interesting and inspiring telling of a young man’s perception in life, his take on experiencing life and surviving the wilderness.

Christopher saves up and began his adventure to Alaska. He thrives to live in the wild far from the ungrateful and annoying society he sees each day.

The movie is about youth, survival, human connection, the beauty of nature and exploration. Mind you, it has a tragic ending but nonetheless, still captures the gorgeous landscapes of Alaska.

#2 The Darjeeling Limited


Location: India

A year after their father had passed, three brothers attempts to rekindle their relationship through taking a train trip to India. The film features Wes Anderson’s three recurring collaborators: Owen Wilson, Adrien Brody and Jason Schwartzman.

The film highlights the captivating cities of Ossia, Udaipur and Jodhpur. The cast and screenplay are a+ however, it’s still the charm and vibrant cities of India that stole the spotlight.

#3 Lost in Translation


Location: Japan

A travel movie about travelers that travelers should definitely see. Sofia Coppola perfectly snaps the nostalgic and hilarity sensation one feels in a foreign country. It also captures rightfully the reality of how interesting traveling can be and how lonely it gets seldom times.

After watching this, you’ll want to travel to see more than the sceneries; you’ll get excited to meet companions and build great relationship with them. The most unexpected events are the most memorable.

#4 The Secret Life of Walter Mitty


Location: Iceland

In this film, those awkward and introverted people will likely relate to this as it perfectly voices out a person’s inner conflicts with a boring job and life versus a very vivid and active imagination.

His trip to Iceland and Afghanistan showcases outstanding visual landscapes and small doses of humor. For those who need to see a feel-good film, this is the one to stream now. It will certainly satisfy your yearnings in life.

#5 Midnight in Paris


Location: Paris, France

A film set on “The City of Light”? We’re sold.

There are dozens of films set on Paris but this particular one nails the structure and authenticity of Paris day and night. It even has that nostalgic, bohemian, classic feel Paris don centuries ago. The film takes you on a quick tour to the local streets and flea market, Notre Dame, the famous Eiffel Tower and other corners of Paris. You’ll see in the film all the beauty and love the Paris atmosphere offers.

#6 Wild


Location: Oregon, USA

The film is almost always compared alongside that of Into the Wild. The film adapted a memoir of Cheryl Strayed which documents her rises and downfalls throughout her journey. It entails a woman’s bravery of going on a solo travel and proving it possible that anyone can do it so long as they believe.

The films features a beautiful trail that will induce audiences to go and make their own adventures into the wild; and do it now.

#7 Up


Location: South America; Paradise Falls

Who knew an animated film would make it to be one of the most inspiring travel films? Up is a tale of love, friendship and a whole lot of adventures. It’ll make you laugh and cry but most of all, it will encourage you to pursue your bucket list and make your own adventure book.

#8 Mr. Bean’s Holiday


Location/s: London, England; France

The comedic genius that is Mr. Bean never fails to deliver classic comedy doses but in this film, he adds a little adventure mix with that goodness.

Succeeding scenes comes the mishaps and blunders alongside the pleasant sceneries as he go on his adventure. Like any tourists, he carries a camera in hand, a carry on, and allegedly kidnaps a boy — well, not the latter.

When the boy was left to his care, there goes his memorable adventures which showcases the local beauty of the location. And, Bean gets to go to Cannes just before he touches down French Riviera. Comedy + travel adventure = a delightful watch.

#9 Before Sunset, Before Sunrise, Before Midnight


Location: Vienna, Paris, Greece

A trilogy film and its take on modern day relationships. The movie perfectly captures the romantic and nostalgic atmosphere of Vienna, Paris and Greece. This made into the list since a lot of travelers meet new people and builds new relationships as they go on with their explorations. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll get to meet your one true pair along the way. Not to mention, the stunning and captivating stills of sceneries will ignite your wanderlust.

#10 Eurotrip


Location: UK and Germany

Spontaneity and impulsiveness are one of the key ingredients to making the most of an adventure. Sometimes, what you’ve planned ahead for doesn’t go as planned and chances are, it turns out better than what you originally have in mind. This is exactly what the film is about. Going with the flow and being open to taking on adventures.

Tell us, what film inspired you to go make your own adventures?

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  1. Imran Khan

    April 27, 2016 at 9:53 am

    Congratulations for this great post. You have listed right Films according to the post title however many of films I have already seen. I will try to watch other unseen Films as well.
    Thanks to sharing this nice post with us.


    • Karthik Linga

      April 27, 2016 at 10:12 am

      Hey Imran !!

      Thanks for your visit !! Thanks for your valuable feedback. Yes i am also the same, want to watch some more unseen movies from the list. Already started download from pirates, will seen soon in coming weekend.

      Thanks again for you visit !! Keep visiting us for an update !!


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