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10 Most Useful Free Music Apps for Mobile without Internet

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Music can be a panacea to all the troubles and it’s a better entertainment mobile app to stay calm and enjoy the music, songs from various style. But, there are a number of music players available for mobile devices on Android play store. Here are a few of music apps without internet for your all Android mobiles, which are worth having on your mobile device, whatever may be the platform, you are using. So, here listed all music apps are manually installed and used in our mobile devices and also every app is top rated by Android users in Play store. Please have a look on the below list of best android mobile apps for music lovers without internet.

How to Install Free Music app:

Google play store & Google play store store are the best way to search for best free music app for android mobiles & iphone mobiles. Most of the music lovers will use free apps and few of them may use paid version to make their entertainment more with listening all paid music with pro features. So, below the search box, there is a drop down arrow to choose your categories, so there you have to choose music & audio category, then they will show you many number of music apps with sub headings like Top Paid App & Top Free App. If you looking for free music app, then choose any of the best music player app from the sub heading Top Free App. So here below we have listed most top rated 10 free music mobile app for android from play store, so it will be a very useful to you all get to know more..

#1: Music Anywhere

Music anywhere is one of the best apps for music without Internet, if you love listening to music, even on the go. May it be your car, or somewhere else, you can easily listen to music, with the aid of Music Anywhere. It can help you to listen to music with the aid of earphones, mobile phone speaker, or even with the aid of extra speakers, which are attached to it. Get the best music experience, with the aid of Music Anywhere. The app is free to download, and thus, the app is worth downloading for you.



#2: AMPed Music

If you are fond of collecting top apps for music without Internet, you should surely look for and download AMPed Music. It is a wonderful app with all features built in, which people generally need for listening to music. The functioning of the app is quite simple. It collects music files from all parts of your phone memory, to make them available on your device in a single place. Though, the app can be used to listen to local music, the app AMPed Music has an online feature, as well. Thus, AMPed Music is the best app for listening to music.


#3: Kpop Music Online

Kpop Music Online is one of the best free music apps for iphone without Internet. Though, the term online is present in the name of the app, but you can surely use and enjoy all the features of the app, without the aid of the Internet. But, if you have an Internet connection the Internet connection will be used to stream music files from the Internet. But, the offline features are very powerful. The app creates a link of all the local music files on your device, and you can start playing your favorite track with a single tap.


#4: Google Play Music

If you have a limited app memory and you are looking for the best free music app without wifi, Google Play Music is the best app for you for all time. Though, the app can be used to purchase music from the store, you can also use the app to organize and play the music on your device. Apart from music organization, you can use the device’s Internet connection to sync music files with your Google account. Thus, Google Play Music is a worth downloading app for you, if you are really fond of music.


#5: Double Twist Music Player

If you are looking for a perfect music app with high quality playback, Double Twist Music Player is the perfect for you. The biggest aspect of the app is, you can not only play high quality music files on your device, but you can organize the playlist in the most effective way for proper organization of the music files. Though, the app is available for free, a paid version is also available, offering additional features to play music. Thus, you should surely use the app, if you love the music collection on your device.


#6: Just Music Player

Just Music Player – Free Music Player is one of the best free music apps for android. The app comes with all the features, which people want from their offline music players. It includes a wonderful organization of the music files into different playlists, for playing your favorite music, whenever you need. Apart from it, a number of users love playing music with high quality sound. You can use the pre installed equalizer, which come with the app. A few effects are already given, but you can save your own presets, as well, for listening to the songs.


#7: iMusic Player – Free Music Streamer & Playlist manager

iMusic Player – Free Music Streamer & Playlist manager is a good music player and organizer. The app contains all the features, which you want from a perfect music player with offline functionalities. Organize the music files on your device with a single click. Apart from it, the app comes with a smart music recognition technology, which scans music of a particular genre, and put them under a predefined playlist, such that you can listen to the music by choosing a particular genre. The smart music recognition technology eradicates your job of organizing files according to the genre.


#8: SongFlip – Free Music Player

SongFlip – Free Music Player is one of the best free music download apps. The app is available for iOS, and is available for free. Apart from other players, the app has a number of functions, which everybody wants from the music player on mobile devices. You can change the music track quite easily with just a single flip, and thus, the name. The software has sliding functionality, which makes it easy to move to a particular part of a track, by moving seek. On using the Internet connection on your device, you can get the media information, as well.


#9: AudioViz

AudioViz is a good piece of app, if you want both media management and music playing on a single app. The app is free to use, and you can change the media information quite easily. You can use your additional enhancement like your earphone and Bluetooth headset to listen to music, and control them with the buttons, available on the enhancements. Thus, the app is great, if you love to listen to music when you are out, and thus, you cannot have access to your mobile device.


#10: Gesture Player

Gesture Player is one of the best players, if you want to control your music player just like a pro. There are a number of gestures, where each gesture can be used for a particular activity. The activities can be used, even without having to touch the phone physically. You can control the music activities by keeping the mobile or handset within your pocket, by moving your arms on the screen, in the air. Thus, if you want to use the mobile device to listen to tracks, in all the places, the app is perfect for you.



Music apps are very much entertainment app for all peoples to keep stress free mind at any time at anywhere. We have spent some times to collect these lists of best free android music apps for your mobile here by manually. Each music apps are top rated app by active users on play store. Please share your comments below in the comment box about these all free music android apps. Your feedback’s will very helpful to us to include or exclude any best & worst apps here in the list.

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