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12 Sports Trophies they probably shouldn’t give People

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Sports have taken on some amazing activities that reflect the craziness of the human psyche. Over the years people have managed to create the wackiest of competitions, here are some of the craziest 12 sports trophies shouldn’t give people at all.

#1. Wife carrying

Wife carrying – The husband carries his spouse over an obstacle course, and the winner is the guy who has the fastest time. Finland is the venue and beer is the prize!


#2. Midget tossing

Midget tossing – Australians will know of this strange sport, and if the little man is well protected, he won’t get hurt! Trophies can be purchased at Sports Star Trophies in Perth, and don’t forget one for the little fellow!


#3. Headstand beer drinking

Headstand beer drinking – This is a lot harder than one might think, as gravity is definitely not going to help. Beer drinkers might like to try it, although it can get a bit messy! Not sure what kind of trophy would be suitable, perhaps an upside down beer glass!


#4. Tuna throwing

Tuna throwing – Held annually at Port Lincoln in Australia, the competitors throw a frozen tuna as far as they can. Fake tunas have been used since 2007, as the tuna population is dwindling.

#5. Chess boxing

Chess boxing – This sport alternates between rounds of boxing and chess playing. One could say it is a combination of brains and brawn.

#6. Chilli pepper eating contest

Chilli pepper eating contest – Only for the really brave, this annual spicy event is held in North Carolina, and the contestants must go through five rounds, eating progressively hotter chillies! Definitely not for the faint hearted!


#7. Pea shooting contest

Pea shooting contest – This annual event has been held in Cambridge, England, since 1971. Sharpshooters try to hit targets with a pea that is fired from a small blowpipe. For unique trophies, one can contact Sports Star Trophies, who supply awards for all kinds of events.

#8. Red Bull Flight Day

Red Bull Flight Day – For those who wish to emulate the Wright brothers, this annual event is held in many cities worldwide, and is sponsored by the energy drink company. The competitors launch flying machines from a pier into the water, and the machine that flies the furthest is the winner.

#9. Underwater hockey

Underwater hockey – Another crazy sport that originated in England in the 1950’s. The two teams struggle to get a puck across the bottom of a swimming pool into the opposing team’s goal.


#10. Cricket spitting

Cricket spitting – Not to be confused with spitting while watching cricket, this disgusting sport involves spitting the insect, and the furthest ever managed was an incredible 32 feet and five inches. Hope the cricket lived to see another day!

#11. Baby jumping

Baby jumping – This unique sport is held in a Spanish village and is said to cleanse the babies of sins, although they haven’t really been around long enough to do too much wrong.


#12. Battle of the oranges

Battle of the oranges – Held in Italy, this juicy sport involves the throwing of oranges by organised teams. Thousands of tons of oranges are brought in for this spectacle, which is sometimes a close affair, with the winning team pipping their opponents!

So, by the way, there are lot of interesting sports and great trophies are getting by winning the games, but still, many sportive people’s missing few of 12 Sports Trophies from funny sports. Here, we hope that you had learnt such 12 craziest Sports Trophies they probably shouldn’t give People.

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