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The 3 Moments Of Interaction Between A Customer & A Product

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We don’t often think of the ways in which a customer and one of your products interact. But perhaps we should. The truth is, there is a kind of relationship which exists between the person and the product being consumed. If you are able to see the nature of this relationship and to improve it as much as possible, then you might also improve the way in which the customer looks upon your business. What’s more, this could be an important part of the development of any product, to look at other occasions when a customer interacts with the product and the nature of that interaction. So with that in mind, let’s have a think about the major moments when customer and product interact – and how to improve the quality of it.

Hearing About It

The first kind of interaction that takes place is when the customer (or potential customer) hears about the product. There are so many ways that this can happen. It could be a literal case of hearing – through word of mouth from a friend or relative, or through social media, for example. It might be an actually dedicated marketing effort which got through to them. This, again, could come in many forms, and later when you want to improve it will help to know where most people saw the product first. However it happens, you want there to be a certain aura of mystique, as well as a real reason for someone to want to give it a go. Work on developing a reputation around the product which people are likely to go for. This can make a huge difference to whether or not they actually try it for themselves.


On The Shelf

The first time the customer actually sees the product themselves is hugely important. This could literally be on the shelf of a store, or it could be a figurative shelf. Many products, after all, do not fit on the shelves! Either way, your goal at this stage is to cause some excitement for the customer, ideally by having the product look irresistible in some way. Packaging plays a big role in this, and you should spend some decent time thinking about how to best package all of your products. When it comes to a product on a shop shelf, use packaging which seems to help the product stand out in some way. A stand up pouch might be best, or a box with a bold and colorful design. However, you do it, getting this part right will ensure that you land the sale.


Trying It

Finally, there is the moment of the product being tried. This is hugely important, as you don’t want them to be disappointed. Mostly, this is just about ensuring that the product has gone through development carefully and that it really delivers. But also check that you are not over-promising in your marketing, as this will only result in a less enjoyable third moment.

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