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3 Sleaziest Brand Blunders – Logo Design

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To be or not to be successful is entirely in your hands, the way you present your brand is the way people will perceive it. This is why there is a lot of emphasis on brand perception in marketing. However; sometimes to save money people lower their standards and put very less efforts in the branding process.

The 3 most sleaziest brand blunders that people often make in the notion of being cost effective while ending up sabotaging their brands for life are discussed below:

Settling for a pre-designed logo:

A brand’s logo is not just a design—it is the identity of your business. “People remember and recognize you from your logo”. One of the biggest blunder that companies often make is compromising on their brand logos. They get predesigned off the shelf logos that lack originality and uniqueness & ultimately it kill your brand’s individuality.


Therefore,TheLogoNow recommends to avoid this blunder, companies must get their logos designed by professional logo design companies like Logo Design Pros and TheLogoNow. These logo design companies have years of experience in designing and undoubtedly their logo designs are professional and customized that depict your business values and brand philosophy effectively.

Inappropriate brand ambassador:

To cut down on cost brands have often been seen compromising on the choice of their brand spokesperson. They sign contracts with celebrities that charge less. This is a brand blunder because the target audience fails to connect with these spokespersons and ultimately go for your competitors brand because their celebrity is much more popular among your target audience as compared to yours.

Therefore to avoid this blunder you should do a market research. See which celebrity is more influential among your target audience and make sure you strive to get that celebrity endorse your brand.

Poor brand marketing:

Poor brand marketing is often considered to be the biggest reason for brand failure. Companies try to cut down their marketing budget just to save money and they simply end up in a disaster because they forget that if the marketing of their brand is weak then even the bests of the product is bound to fail. Nonetheless try to have a good budget for your marketing campaigns. Make sure you do everything to promote your product so that you can reach as many people as possible.

Setting up your business online is a good way to promote your brand. Online logo design company like TheLogoNow can help you enhance your brand’s online presence. TheLogoNow have been in online designing business for over 7 years and have designed logos to websites to other creative designs for more than 1 million clients in over 30 industries. TheLogoNow have highly skilled designers who have the knack of designing creative business designs. Hence make sure you don’t make these sleaziest brand blunders just to save money. You can order your company logo, web design or online marketing services to enhance your brand identity and secure a powerful online presence.

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