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3 Systems You Should Add to Improve Your Amazon Experience

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Amazon calls its customer engagement strategy a “customer obsession.” But how does a third-party company give that level of customer satisfaction through Amazon services? Businesses can take advantage of Fulfilment by Amazon, prompt communication through the Amazon message centre, and IT security experts to secure customers’ trust.

Fulfilment by Amazon Handles Shipping and Packaging

Reliable shipping and inventory practices foster customer loyalty and those sought-after five-star reviews. In practice, sellers can use a variety of Amazon’s in-house services to streamline operations. Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) allows Amazon to handle shipping and packaging by having your products stored in their fulfilment centres. Using FBA allows you to reach Amazon Prime customers while outsourcing the time-consuming shipping process. Send items promptly and let customers know their orders are on their way.

Companies using AWS (Amazon Web Services) may not have shipping concerns, but they still need to keep an eye on their platforms. Set up AWS and database alerts to avoid maxing out your memory or overloading your servers. Customers want an effortless experience, so keep track of shipping logistics or server maintenance.



Build Trust through a Customer Communication System

Never underestimate a good crowd. In e-commerce, you can find the crowd by the five-star reviews. Customers need to feel motivated to give their opinion on your products. As a seller, you can include the reviews in your product packing slips. Most importantly, customers need to know their voice matters.

Prompt, reliable customer correspondence is another key to great reviews. Buyers may feel ignored if their queries aren’t responded to within 24 hours. Your listings also offer a chance to communicate with your customer base. Buyers want exact product descriptions and up-to-date listings. If delays in shipping arise, contact your customers as soon as possible. These practices show buyers that your business listens to them and addresses their needs.

Secure Your Business Operations with an IT Security Expert

Protecting your AWS business account is vital to ensuring customer trust. Hackers breached OneLogin, an identity and access management software, on May 31. A hacker used OneLogin’s AWS account to gain access to the system, potentially gaining knowledge on how to decrypt user data, apps, and keys. Despite reaching out to customers with tips to prevent further loss of data, this breach compromised both customer information and their trust in this service.


Hackers got access to LastPass, a similar password management service, three times within the last year. Cloud environments are clearly a target for these attacks, and business owners need better protection for their customers’ information. Fortify customer information with a trusted IT expert who can offer you an analysis of your business’ vulnerabilities.

As customer-focused strategies become the norm for many online businesses, operations become more scrutinised. Strategies using AWS, FBA, and strong communication methods are only successful in a secure data environment. Customer data is vulnerable to attack, especially now that attacks on cloud-based platforms are on the rise. Businesses need to work with IT experts to consider security at every phase of operations so that they can secure their data and create a pleasant customer experience.

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