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3 Tips to Becoming Your Most Productive Self

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Things like intelligence and time and the like often have less to do with success than we think they do. The real obstacle to achieving our goals is a lack of productivity. For some people, it’s an issue of taking away the distracting issues and being able to focus on one goal. For others, it’s a complete lifestyle overhaul. One thing is for sure, though: you can always become more productive. Take a look at a few of our quick and easy tips and you’ll soon be on your way to improving your productivity.

#1: Have a Routine

Take a look at the world’s most successful people through history and you’ll soon find that they have a common trait: a routine. It doesn’t really matter what the routine is, so long as it works for you. Some people work best if they go for an hour’s run at 6 am, others need an hour or two of easy reading over a cup of tea in the morning. Whatever it is, establishing a routine for your day will mean you’re able to focus your attention on whatever it is you’re doing at the time without getting distracted. Left to our own devices, we’re more likely to find mild entertainment than do anything serious. But not with the routine!


#2: Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Routines, ideas, the gym…it’ll all be for nothing if you’re not alert and fresh and ready to face the day. Getting a good night’s sleep is essential for anyone who wants to be productive during the day. If you usually struggle to get a good night’s sleep, there are a few tips you can follow. For starters, don’t use any electronics for at least an hour before you go to bed; they are too stimulating for when your brain needs to be shutting down. Also, invest in good bedding. Latex mattresses are comfortable and durable, the two things we need from our bedding. Finally, get into a sleeping rhythm; it’s much easier to fall asleep and rise out of bed once your bed expects to be in and out of bed at those times.



#3: Simplify

On any given day, especially those days when we want to be productive, it can be tempting to overstuff our days with tasks, meetings, and places to be. But remember: a productive day isn’t one where you zip through a long ‘to do’ list, it’s one where you achieve tasks to a high standard. If that means simplifying your daily agenda and just focusing on a handful of tasks that will then be completed to a high standard, then so be it.

Simplifying can also extend to your work environment and nature of completing tasks. “Time blocking” is used by entrepreneurs to help them complete a task without distraction. If you need to write a long email, you’ll “time block” it for a set period during the day, and when that time comes you’ll give it your complete devotion. No phones, no emails, no anything other than writing the email. Give it a try!

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