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The 4 Commandments To Being a Great Nurse

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Working in the care community and in the medical world can be one of the most rewarding career choices anyone can make. But with so many daily demands involved in the day to day life of a nurse, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and to feel that there’s always a better way to care for and treat the needs of our patients. So here our top four commandments on how you can ensure you are confidently tackling the daily challenges of your job and feeling great that you are offering the best level of care possible.

Continued Training

Making sure you are constantly improving your skill base and building on your existing knowledge means you are continually striving to be the best nurse you can be. Seeking regular training where possible is a key way to ensure you are offering the best care possible to your patients. Training also provides you with the confidence that you are up to date on modern techniques and developments within your field and will help you to feel in control of your career development. Research different courses, such as a Provider Skills CE credits where you can refresh your existing knowledge or perhaps learn a completely new skill set or care methodology.


Be Individual In Your Approach

You chose your profession primarily because you want to care for people. As you are working in such a human environment it is necessary to approach each situation individually based on the unique needs of your patients. It can be easy to formulate your own system and way of doing things but you must also remain mindful of the individual needs of your patients and think creatively about how to cater for them. Adapting yourself around your patients means they feel cared for and feel they are in a kind and supportive environment.



Work As A Team

With the nursing profession being infamously tiring and at times overwhelming it can be easy to want to take a bad day out on a colleague. This happens every day in every profession, but with the demands of nursing, sometimes being all-encompassing, it can be easy to let those long shifts affect the way we treat those around us.

Treating our colleagues the way, we ourselves wish to be treated is one of the best ways we can create a harmonious and happy work environment, which is always more conducive to us being better in our jobs.

Be Good To Yourself

Knowing your limitations and knowing when you are on the point of feeling run down is the most important step in looking after yourself. You can’t expect yourself to look after the needs of others if you are neglecting your own. Therefore you need to be mindful of your own needs and your own wellbeing and sometimes that comes down to one very simple word. ‘No’. If you are feeling particularly worn out or stressed learning how to push back and say no will mean that you can recover from difficult weeks and recuperate in order to be back on form and be the best nurse you can possibly be for your patients.

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