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4 Ways to Make Your Store More Appealing to Customers

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Every customer who walks through your door has the potential to spend hundreds of dollars or more in a single trip. The more comfortable they feel when shopping with you, the more likely they are to spend more money. Those who feel that employees hover around them too much, ask too many questions or are persistent in asking them to sign up for a loyalty club may leave before spending a time or shop once and never come back. While you should know what to avoid, it’s equally important that you know what those customers need and how you can make your shop more appealing.

Clear Signs

No matter what type of store you operate, you must have clear signs up those alert customers of any specials and signs that help them find their way around the store. It’s important that you take down and replace those signs on a regular basis too. If a customer sees a sale sign that you won’t honor because the sale ended and an employee forgot to take down the sign, that person might write negative reviews about your store online and refuse to ever come back.


Wide Aisles

Have you ever been in a store before with aisles too close together that you felt claustrophobic? Though you might feel tempted to put those aisles closer together to help you fit more things in the store, those aisles can make customers feel uncomfortable. You also risk making them feel like they want to get in and out as fast as possible. Having wider aisles helps those customers feel more comfortable and can make them stay in your store longer. The aisles should be large enough to accommodate two carts and the customers pushing those carts.


Working Shopping Carts

Make time every week to go over all the shopping carts that you keep on hand to ensure that each one works properly. Busy shoppers do not want to fumble with carts that have wheels that don’t spin well or wheels that lock up when moving across different surfaces. You do not need to replace those carts because the wheels stop working though. Shopping cart casters are available for sale and easy to replace. Check the carts for any other signs of damage like bent or broken metal pieces sticking off the sides. Fixing those problems will keep your customers safe.


Clean Floors

You should clean the floors of your shop regularly to keep customers from sticking to those floors and to prevent accidents. Debris like trash that other customers dropped on the floor can change the impression that others have of your store too. Keep one or more wet floor signs on hand that you have employees set out when they mop the floors. Regular mopping makes the floor slicker and smoother, which helps the carts glide more easily across those floors. If a customer feels like he or she cannot move through the store with a cart, that customer might walk away without buying a single thing.

Whether you own a grocery, clothing or any other type of store, you need to provide your customers with a few simple things. Clean floors, good carts, wide aisles and clear signs can make your store even more appealing.

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