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4 Ways to Have an Amazing LA Weekend

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Over 42 million tourists visited LA in 2013, according to Daily Mail, and that number is only on the rise. Therefore, if there are so many people visiting this cool place, there has to be something amazing about it. More precisely, there are tons of awesome things about LA and you just need to pick what interests you and enjoy it. Here are the four faces of LA that you can choose to be your leitmotif over the weekend.

Starry Hollywood Weekend

Everybody knows about Hollywood and the interesting things that can be done there. So, if this is your first time in LA, making it a Hollywood weekend seems like a reasonable thing to do. On your “must see” list, you have to have: the, Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, and Hollywood at Highland. The tours of the houses of Hollywood stars are inaccurate and overpriced. However, for a great experience, try to get a tour of a studio or even better be in the audience of some of the sitcoms.

Enjoying Beach and Sun

The best stay you can have in LA, if you prefer the beach experience, is to go to Venice Beach and enjoy the hospitality of some of the hotels there. Pick a hotel with an available rooftop where you can get some drinks and enjoy the sunset. There is a nice promenade here for evening and daily walks, plus the nightlife is just as vibrant as the day life. Throughout the day, the plethora of beach activities is available anywhere on the Venice Beach.


Eventful Sports Weekend

The home of the Lakers and Clippers is always full of different sports events. You can watch these amazing teams if you check the Lakers schedule and reserve your seats in time. While you wait for the game to begin, hit some of the beaches and check out the beach volleyball courts and basketball courts in which you can enjoy playing yourself.

Nightlife like No Other

World cuisine has found its place in LA. You can dedicate every night of your stay sampling the delicious dishes in the famous restaurants. A great idea is to start your evening with a dinner at one of the restaurants, proceed to a standup comedy venue that is great in LA, and end the evening at some of the famous and buzzing pubs and bars. Moreover, you will find some of the top world bartenders in LA, mixing perfect cocktails to boost up your evening. Either way, you can never be bored in LA once the night falls. It seems that this is when the city really wakes up.

Whatever your choices may be, make sure that you are not visiting LA during the week of the Hollywood Awards. You will not see the real action and the hotels will be entirely booked. As for the weather, it can get a bit smoggy during the high summer months. You also may be annoyed by the rain that happens from December until February.

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