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5 Beautiful Destinations to Visit this 2017

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We’re already on the second quarter of 2017; do you have any list of locations you plan to visit this year? If you’re still on the fence whether to finish off your 2016 “must-visit destinations,” why don’t you create a new list for this year’s travel bucket list?

Grab your calendar, laptop to sign up for flight and hotel accommodation deal alerts, and fill up your travel savings. This year, it’s time to satisfy your wanderlust and plan your travel adventures!

Ready your passport (and wallet). Here are a few of the destinations a lot of travelers and tourists alike search for and plan to cross out in their list this year.


#1: Portugal

Best time to visit: During spring (February) or early autumn (October)

When you hear ‘Portugal’, what immediately comes to your head? Portugal takes us back to the old days. The country illustrates the cultural period of the classic Europe civilization perfectly balanced with the features of modern day living.

When you hear Europe, Portugal doesn’t come first to mind. Obviously, it doesn’t have the same attraction to tourists as, say, France and Italy. However, with the rising number of nomads and travelers who love to explore the other equally beautiful sights of Europe, the westernmost country, Portugal, has a lot to offer: solid history, marvelous culture, gastronomic food, reminiscent art, and the likes. It captures the ancient face of Europe, what more could you ask for.


#2: Japan

Best time to visit: Late spring (March-May) and late autumn (September to November)

If Tokyo is Japan’s heart and Kyoto reflects the country’s spirit, Osaka represents Japan’s fantastic culinary scene—it’s the place to satisfy your appetite. In this city you’ll find restaurants specializing authentic traditional Japanese preparation of cuisine.

Sure, there are lots of places to visit in Japan, places where travelers and tourists flock on, but Osaka is one of the destination spots in Japan you should never skip on your itinerary.


#3: Madagascar

Best time to visit: July and August where the weather is cool and dry; perfect time to go on adventures

Like the animated film(s), Madagascar boasts astonishing jungles and beaches, and a number of must-visit attractions. Right off the southeast coast of Africa, this island hosts plenty of animals and picturesque views. There are not so many travelers who put Madagascar on their travel bucket list. However, once you read more about it, you’ll realize what a beautiful nation it is. Research more about it to see and convince you to go for a Madagascar adventure.


#4: Chile

Best time to visit: During shoulder seasons (November or March/April)

From the wilds of Patagonia to the cultural city of Santiago, Chile offers a whole lot for the adventure-seekers. Stretching at 2,670 miles long, the nation offers a variety of stunning landscapes that will convince you, in one way or more, to visit the country.

Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find in Chile; some of which are dream-like mountain views, picture-perfect islands, and breathtaking man-made attractions, among others. if you’re looking for specifics, look up Atacama desert, Valparaiso, and have we mentioned Patagonia? The country offers so much to explore that is worth visiting so do include it in your bucket list.


#5: Mongolia

Best time to visit: During summer (July-September)

When thinking of countries to visit and add to your bucket list, Mongolia’s likely too far down; or not even in it. Skip the other popular destinations and take a risk on the places less traveled such as Mongolia that are sure to serve you a great time.

For context, Mongolia is situated between Russia and China, both large nations. It’s three times bigger than France. The country is also the motherland of Genghis Khan so that alone gives the impression of rich Mongol empire and culture. Can you imagine how picturesque the vast lands, sand dunes, long rivers, and parade of nature in this country? It will never bore you especially if you see how serene night skies can be as you camp under the Milky Way.

Visiting Mongolia is definitely for the adventurers and lover of nature beyond the beach. You can trek, fish, watch the stars, camp, and go on cultural tours to fulfill the nomad in you.


Don’t be limited with this list. There are plenty more beautiful countries to visit on our very own list, these are just our top picks we recommend you add to your list as well. Any other destinations you want to suggest? Where was your best trip so far? Share your thoughts and experiences with us!

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