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5 Best Apps for Making Music on IOS & Android

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Back in the day, making music used to simply be limited to humming out a tune and jamming with instruments. If you would want to take music seriously, you would need intricate equipment, real instruments, and other machines and devices you simply can’t take with you wherever you go. While that way of taking music seriously still does hold true nowadays, the reality is, a lot of the functions of these devices could be performed on a smartphone, where you could do more than just download music, but rather, actually make it, as you would in a real recording studio.

With that said, note that there are a lot of different instruments and materials you would be needing for you to make music as in real life, the 5 best apps for music making on either iOS or Android-powered units we recommend below would help to cater to these specific aspects, and give music a whole new twist and whole new flavor that takes your music making experience to a whole new level.

#1: Autotune

While vocals aren’t really necessary in making music, once you put them in, you ought to make sure that they’re as on point as it can be, lest the whole piece would be ruined. This is where pitch correction comes in, and Autotune does exactly that. Tune Me Lite for Android, and I AM T-Pain for iOS users do exactly this job, and that is to correct minor pitch problems encountered during recording. While its initial job is to make sure that pitch is right, a lot of artists, like T-Pain and Chair have used it to make their voices sound unique by tweaking their voices more than what’s really needed, making a niche for themselves in the music industry.



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#2: AmpliTube app

One of the common modern instruments for making music is the wah-wah pedal. As its name suggests, it is a kind of footswitch for a guitar amplifier that gives guitars an interesting sound, such as the likes of Jimi Hendrix and Voodoo Child tracks. The Wah-wah pedal could also be used alongside brass instruments, harmonicas, and even pianos. If you wish to explore this particular tool, you could make use of either the AmpliTube app if you’re on iOS, or usbEffects if you’re an Android user.


#3: Digital Delay

This app works by listening to what’s being played and then playing the exact thing back at a specific time. To make things clearer, you may be able to hit a note once with the delay repeating it as long as it wants, but with every playtime, it gets quieter. One of the most common applications of Digital Delay is The Edge of U2, and a lot of other newer songs make use of these multiple loop replays as well, and, as a matter of fact, is demonstrated by Ed Sheeran during his shows. To add digital delay to your tracks, use Amplitube for iOS, and usbEffects on Android.


#4: Drum Machine

While acoustic sessions are fun and all that, it would be hard to imagine music nowadays without drums. Good news is, this bulky yet extremely vital instrument in the world of pop music, as well as rock, could be placed in the palm of your hands, thanks to drum machine apps that simulate the sound of real ones, as used in tracks created by New Order and Blue Monday band to give it the electro-pop feels to songs. Options for Drum Machine include DM1 for iOS and Niko Electrum Drum Machine for Android units.


#5: Synthesizer

While it has initially been the subject of protest in the past, as there are fears that it renders some people jobless, the reality is that musicians have been faced with no choice but to move on and adapt to the times. Synthesizer takes synthesized musical instruments up a notch and has allowed electronic, as well as rock music to have its own unique feel and flavor and be recognized as a genre in itself. With that said, synthesizers are available through the NLogSynthPro for iOS and the Mikrosonic RD3 for Android phones.


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