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5 Essentials Of An iPhone Spy Software

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iPhone spy software is a vital element for a healthy tech lifestyle. Kids are on the top of the list whose smartphones and tablets need to be monitored. The mechanics of a spying app are very simple; you install a spy app onto the target device, it then sends all the data from it to the remote dashboard and that’s all. There are parental controls available for every kind of electronic devices. Some are built-in and some may have to be purchased separately. For iPhone users, there is a built-in parental control app that can be used to block your child’s access to Apple pay, App store purchases or even certain stock apps. What it doesn’t do is send your child’s data remotely to your laptop or smartphone, which can be done, only using a third app.So before you move onto to buy a spy app for your kids, these are a few things that you should look out for:

1. Has a GPS tracker that works 24/7

You decide to spy on your kids (or employees at work) and you got some spy software for their smartphone that doesn’t have a GPS tracker is an absolute waste of your money. Try to get an app that provides 24/7 GPS tracking with accurate results. XNSPY is an app that can track the target user in real-time with maximum accuracy. It also provides location history logs and geo-fencing. If you haven’t heard of geo-fencing, now is the good time, because parents can set geographical boundaries on their kids with this feature. They can even assign ‘safe’ and ‘unsafe’ areas on the map and receive instant notifications when their kids trespass into unauthorized areas.


2. Provides Widest Third Party Apps Monitoring

What built-in parental controls of any electronic device may lack is their inability to tackle third party apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Viber etc. Try to search for an app that can at least monitor apps like Kik, iMessage, Skype and the preceding ones too.



3. Is Compatible with All of Your Gadgets

Even if the majority at your home is iOS users, there will always be an android device or two also. So try to go for an app that is not just designed exclusively for iOS devices. Instead, go for a multi-platform app.


4. Can Remotely Control the Target Device

Yes it does need to control the target device remotely, if it wants to qualify as a spy app. For example, at night, when kids move into their rooms to sleep, it’s pretty much possible they spend rest of the night texting or making calls on skype. For these kids, the best option is to lock their cell phones during that time. It will also ensure good health of your kids, when they will have optimal sleep.

5. Monitors Phone Logs, SMS and Emails

Lastly, spying apps also need to have features like phone logs tracking, emails and internet browsing history monitoring. It’s basic and also a fundamental need for keeping tabs on the target user.

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