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5 Gadgets you shouldn’t forget for Your Next Trip

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Have you got another trip coming up? Make sure you got everything you need ready to make packing smooth and swift.

Aside from clothes and other basic necessities, certain electronic gadgets have become essentials you shouldn’t forget to include in your packing list and carry when traveling. Other than your smartphone, which has become a basic essential in our day-to-day lives, there are other handful gadgets that will keep you company and bring you convenience on your travel adventures.

You’re out on a guided tour and suddenly running out of juice? Got your flight delayed for 4 hours? Get yourself prepared for these circumstances. Don’t forget to bring these travel gadget essentials for your upcoming trip.


Universal Plug Adapter

If you’ve ever traveled internationally before, chances are you’ve experienced confusion on where and how to charge your smartphone because the outlet isn’t compatible with your plug. What then?

You wouldn’t have any problem trying to fit this in your bag space for it is tiny and really lightweight. Also, it’s a must-have to pack for frequent travelers flying in different countries where outlets may vary. An all-in-one adapter will save your gadgets from power drainage. Make sure to carry one wherever you travel.


Portable Charger

Also called as power bank, these portable chargers will give your smartphone a quick and convenient boost in juice even when you’re outside sightseeing or going on tours. Your smartphone wouldn’t last a day of picture-taking and using up data than you normally would, your phone battery can only serve you so much.

Hence, you really need a portable charger every now and then if you need to keep it alive all throughout the day til you get back to where you’re staying at.


An E-reader

If you’re a bookworm and rely on them to keep you company in-flight or during wee hours, you’d probably notice by now that as much as you want to read more, books are heavy to pack. You’ll barely have any room for it if you’re a light traveler.

This is where e-readers such as Kindle come very handy. This particular e-reader is easy on the eyes even in daylight reading. If you want to arm yourself with more novels minus the added weight, you might want to consider switching to e-readers.



If you’re not much of a book reader and more inclined to listen to music, your must-pack gadget accessory should be earphones or headphones. It’s not just limited to music, though, you can listen to countless podcasts or audiobooks.

Invest in a high-quality one that will last you for years rather than a cheap one that could only last you a few weeks.


Action Camera

In this day and age, you’ll rarely see travelers without smartphones and an increasing number of others with an action camera mounted in a monopod in one hand. Action cameras are very useful especially if you’re the type who creates travel videos or just a video editor in general who likes to document every clip of your travel journey.


What other gadget is included in your must-bring packing list? Share it with us!

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