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5 Genres of Filmmaking That You Could Use When Making Your First Film

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5 Genres of Filmmaking That You Could Use When Making Your First Film – The first film you make will be one that will cause you a great deal of anxiety and stress. This, will stay with you during all stages of the production, from the developing of a good and solid script all the way to the shooting, editing and producing of a good final product. This is why you should always ensure that your initial stages of production are done well. As such, the very first thing for you to do is to choose the right genre. Make sure to pick a genre of filmmaking that you are well acquainted to, and will be able to share with your audience with ease and skill. On that note, here are a few options you could and should consider:

#1: Documentary

The beauty of documentaries is that you can literally make it on anything and everything that comes to your mind. Pick something that is important to you – an issue, a phenomenon or even an event that has happened in your life. Then, figure out exactly how to document it so as to appeal to all your viewers. Everyone loves a true story, so it’s difficult to go wrong here. So, this genres of filmmaking also will helpful for creating a awesome film at first stage.


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#2: Comedy

While everyone enjoys a comedy film, it is also important to keep in mind that coming up with good comedic work is not everybody’s cup of tea. Ensure that, when developing your script for the film, it is something that people will enjoy watching. Aside from that, making a good comedy guarantees fun and excitement at all phases of development – from writing of the script all the way to the acting and production. It is a good experience for all parties involved. Making a comedy film also want some types of genres of filmmaking styles.

#3: Public Serve Announcements (PSAs)

The main purpose of these kinds of films is to bring the public’s attention to an issue that needs it. If you have something that you believe in and hold important to you, a well done PSA is the best way to reach out to a wide and diverse audience. These types of films are produced not only by lower budgeted government agencies, but also by famous producers who manage to make a great difference in the world.


#4: Animation

In today’s day and age, with the overwhelming abundance of technology and talent at your disposal, considering an animated video production is not a bad idea. The great part about an animated film making styles is that it allows to you to effectively appeal to all categories of people by putting forward the content in a friendly and innovative manner.


#5: Horror

Everyone likes a good horror – or not. But the suspense and mystery that usually surrounds a horror film making is one that instantly makes for a good film. Humans, by their very nature, are curious, and it is easy to reel your viewers in with an interesting or thought provoking horror or thriller movie making. In addition to this, being responsible for scaring loads of people is definitely something that you will find yourself being proud of later on.

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