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5 Halloween Safety Tips for You and Your Kids

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Halloween is knocking at the door; you don’t have enough time to decide whether you’d trick or treat Mr. Jack O Lantern. Another thing that you need to take seriously is safety. No, not safety from Mr. Stingy Jack, but road safety, fire safety and home safety.

I’ll share some 5 main safety tips for your Halloween in this article. Don’t forget them no matter how spooked you get because they ensure a safe Halloween for you and your kids.

#Tip 1: Take the sidewalk

Use the sidewalk. You’ll enjoy the sight of the makeshift graveyards in backyards and front yards. Some children (and some adults) might play jokes such as an artificial skeleton hanging from a tree or a shadowy figure walking towards you.



Fainthearted people leave the sidewalk and take the street. Never do that, stick to the sidewalk. In case there’s no sidewalk, use the left side of the road. Face the direction of the traffic to see all the vehicles on the road. This helps you avoid getting hit by a car.

#Tip 2: Crossing the road

This tip is useful for kids. A group of children running down a street is a common sight on the Halloween night. But this could be dangerous. A fast approaching car might hit them. Children need to learn the safe ways of crossing streets, which include the following:

  • Crossing a road diagonally, using the zebra signs.
  • Watching out for cars that are taking a U-turn or backing up.
  • Never cross between parked cars (a favorite game for children).
  • Looking at the left side, then at the right side before crossing the road, and then again at the time of crossing it.


A moment’s negligence might result in a fatal accident. So teach all the road safety tips to your kids, and follow them yourself.

#Tip 3: Fire safety

There have been many incidents of fire on the Halloween night. Studies indicate children are five times more susceptible to a building fire than adults. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends a number of protective measures exclusively for Halloween, following which can minimize the odds of a fire.


The recommendations include carrying a flashlight, glow stick or a battery-operated candle, safe handling of cornstalk, black paint and cardstock, and being extra cautious when handling electrical equipment such as light bulbs and Halloween lanterns.

Costumes often catch fires. So, don’t let your child wear a costume with long trailing fabric. For the same reason, make sure the mask he is wearing has large eye-holes so he can look out for fires.

#Tip 4: Safe driving

Road accidents are common on Halloween. Just as pedestrians need to follow safety measures, so do the drivers. Be extra alert while driving on Halloween. Once you enter a neighborhood, slow your car down. Look out for children because they often turn the streets into their playground. Keep the headlights on as artificial fog might prevent you from noticing someone on the road.


Kids often hide in medians or sit on the curbs wearing black costumes, which makes it difficult for motorists to notice them. For that reason, be extra alert at every intersection, median and curb. Look for children hiding at the back of your car when backing up. Drive slowly on the alleys and driveways. Your alertness should increase as the day progresses because the trick-or-treat hours start from the late evening.

#Tip 5: Home safety

Halloween is for having fun, but mistakes or inattention might invite hazards. Especially because trick-or-treaters are mostly kids, and they can’t apprehend a danger. For example, kids get excited, go down the stairs hurriedly and fall down. Such incidents are common on Halloween. To prevent them from taking place, keep your eyes on your kid’s activities.


Keep flammable substances away from your house as too many heat sources may increase the chances of a fire. Teach your kids the safe ways to carry the pumpkin so the candle inside it doesn’t tip over and cause a fire. Don’t use anything heavy or anything sharp while decorating your backyard as that might hurt the kid.

Enjoy the Halloween

By following all the tips above, we hope it will give you better safety in your Halloween Days. You can ensure your family’s safety both inside and outside of the house. This way, you can keep all the dangers at bay and enjoy the Halloween to the fullest.

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