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5 Handy Tips that will Help you Nail your Job Interview

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After days and countless hours spent on scrolling through job boards and sending out applications, you finally get an interview. It’s your top choice and the position sits well with you. Now, you’re anticipating the nerve-wracking part that can either get you or lose the job—the interview process.

Hey, you got invited for an interview. That means they saw something in your profile that makes you somehow qualified for the job. You may walk in the interview with all the right answers and qualifications. However, will you stand out from the list of candidates?

If you’re doubtful of your abilities and looking for more ways to increase your chances in getting hired, here are 5 surefire ways that can help you in persuading the interviewers to offer you the position.


Know what you’re applying for

By submitting your application implies you read and understood the job description and requirements. You know what the company is looking for and you think you’re the one that should fill the shoes.

A day or two before the big day read and learn about what you’re applying for. This will guide you in navigating through their questions and in relating your experiences with their qualifications; this shall help you establish your level of grasp with the position. While you’re already at it, read about the company, its culture, and activities, as well.


This will give the impression to your interviewer that you’ve done your homework. You’ve researched about the position and their company. It shows that you’re fully invested in the interview process and how much you want to get the job.

Make yourself presentable

Present yourself in interviews like how you would in making a great first impression on a first date, only in interviews; you dress in a work-appropriate attire. Iron it sharp and shine your shoes. To save time on interview day, prepare your clothes the night before so if there’s anything you need to sort out or look for, you don’t waste time on the day itself.

Explain why you’d be an awesome addition to their team

They’ll ask you about your strengths, weaknesses, and any challenging task you’d encountered in your previous experiences and how you have overcome them. This is your chance to shine the light on you and your abilities as the ticket to fill the job post.

More than that prepares relevant stories that can demonstrate your knowledge, attitude, experience, companionship, and expertise. It may sound too much but if you find the right words to utter it and if you get the chance to speak it, do so. Chances are it’ll pique the interviewer’s interest in you.


Arrive earlier than the scheduled interview time

This is a no-brainer. Don’t you hate it when you scheduled to meet someone but they arrive late? The interviewer’s time is gold and so is yours. But in this case, a job interview, the last thing you’d want is to come in late. First impressions last, so arriving late will already diminish your rate significantly.

Look up their office address at least two days before so you can have ample time to ask people how to get there if you’re unsure. Travel early. If you’re going by car, finding a parking could eat up much of your time, not to mention the traffic and possibility of getting lost. If you’re traveling by public transport, traffic and getting lost are your main problems. Aim to at least arrives 15 minutes early on the schedule. This should be enough time to shake off the nervousness and prepare yourself.


Have a question prepared

Interviewers ask lots of questions. One of the last they may speak of could be “Do you have any questions?” Take this time as an opportunity to assess how their company culture or ethic is and what kind of person they’d like to work with. This part should also tell you whether or not they are a good company to work for. You’re interviewing them just as they’re interviewing you.

Any other job interview advice you can give? Share your experiences with us. Drop a comment below!

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