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5 Occasions When Car Rentals are the Best Option

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Indians are a car loving population. They absolutely love cars and more often than not, owning a car is understood to be a status symbol or even a symbol of growth in life. Any person who has become stable in their lives and career are expected to own vehicles. Sometimes, we even understand that the better the size of the car, the more stable an individual is in their life.

With all this pressure, owning a car becomes important not just to make it convenient to travel from one place to another but also in order to prove to society that you have a stable life. It is quite funny how it becomes a marker but it is also true.

Now, whether for convenience or luxury, having a car is quite well-appreciated in India and also comes in handy with the subcontinent’s unpredictable weather. But, do you need a car and do not have the bank to fulfil your dreams?


The solution to this problem is definitely a car rental service which ensures comfort when it comes to travel, convenience as well as luxury when it comes to a notable occasion in life. But, on which occasions does a car rental become absolutely necessary?

Let us take a look at few of these times:

Road trips-

Road trips are about the most fun adventures to have. Those long, wide roads, the scenery, all of it make a road trip so worth it but there are some risks to taking your own car for such a trip. Damage whether those caused by accidents or adverse weather conditions may harm the car.


It could be quite beneficial to opt for a car rental service instead which would allow for the ease of driving as well as would solve any confusion about whose car to take when going with friends.


Are you moving in and out of a city or town? For example, if an individual is moving out from Delhi to NCR, then it would be beneficial for them to choose a car rental service in Delhi such as Micar which allows for the convenience of following your moving van or truck to the new home.

This is particularly helpful when personal cars are also being driven out by the movers.

To the Airport-

Most car rental services either have a chauffeur drop you off or the car picked up from where you might have parked it. This is advantageous when you want to go to the airport or railway station but do not want to ask anyone for a ride.


Driving out-of-town relatives-

Are you looking to drive out of town relatives back to their homes or take them out for a little drive? Car rental services in Delhi etc. would allow you to do so.

Weddings or birthday party-

Another occasion where a car rental service would be most beneficial is to drive in with style to a wedding or a birthday party. Choose the car of your choice and make an entrance.


If you’re the groom and are yet to buy a car, bring your bride home in a luxury hire.

Whatever be your occasion, car rentals are the newest and smartest way to drive around in style without shelling out big bucks.

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