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5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Adopt Cloud Working

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Cloud computing is one of the most significant developments in technology for businesses in recent years. Providing businesses with a whole new way of working, cloud computing can improve a business’ productivity as well as make it easier for new businesses to take off on a global scale. If you’re still warming to the idea of cloud computing, these five reasons why you should adopt could be what sways you to take the plunge.

1. It gives your business more flexibility

Work environments are changing. Flexible working is becoming practical for more and more businesses that involve people working different shifts, working from home, working in locations worldwide and other types of working patterns that have broken away from typical 9-5, office-based working. Cloud computing allows businesses to do this easily, giving them the right technology that will enable employees to work anywhere, and employers the peace of mind that work can be done effectively anywhere, at any time.


2. It’s more affordable

Large businesses will know all too well the hassle and expense of having a server room packed with equipment, fans, and masses of technology to keep internal servers and external servers going. Now with cloud computing, that can all be managed elsewhere, swapping your equipment and personnel costs for monthly subscriptions at a fraction of the price. Your website servers can also benefit from cloud management, with companies like IO Zoom providing SSD servers that will host your website and ensure that it is free from outages and security issues.


3. It’s easier to upgrade

Upgrading technology is an ongoing cost for businesses, with hardware and software need changing regularly. Cloud computing makes this process easy, automatically upgrading servers and software to make sure always have the latest updates. While you will still need to upgrade your hardware every so often, this is one less hassle for your business to endure.


4. It saves time

Cloud working allows changes to documents, websites and anything else in real time, anywhere in the world, with a wide range of tools available to allow employees to work collaboratively. This means businesses working with staff in multiple locations can enjoy more productive collaborative working that makes it easier to complete projects without waiting for tasks to be completed offline and shared.

5. It’s secure

Could your business survive if it were to face one of many possible security breaches? Possibly not, especially if personal data is involved – the reputational risk and loss of clients alone could cost a business millions. Cloud computing is designed to be secure and always up to date with the latest security threats, giving your business the best defence possible from cyber attacks and data breaches.


Cloud computing is the next stage for many businesses, especially those that are looking to expand on a global scale. Questions such as what to do when you run out of bandwidth will become a thing of the past, as websites move into the cloud’s ever-expanding space. Take a look at all of the different cloud working options are available and see how it can change your business and bring it into 2017.

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