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5 Reasons the ‘Push Bike’ is More Important than You Think

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They’ve been around for donkey years, but the push bike continues to go from strength to strength when it comes to improving health and overall lifestyle. Here are our top 5 reasons why bikes are more important than they’ve ever been.

#1: Creativity

Creative minds have used exercise as a creative outlet for centuries. Using a sport, such as cycling to solve mental blocks, think through personal issues and to make decisions is a much-undervalued facet of daily exercise. This jolt to the creative juices, that cycling provides is due to the flow of oxygen that gets released to the brain which boosts neurons and allows your brain to function calmly and effectively. In turn allowing cyclists to think through stressful situations or complex creative scenarios in a rational and logical manner.


#2: Helping Others

There have never been so many events and campaigns, involving cycling, that is there to raise money for charities and good causes, as there is today. Cyclists are now able to harness in their cycling prowess and use their cycling skills to raise money for fantastic causes. Which means getting into cycling will not only improve your health and your lifestyle but it can also lead to you getting involved in humanitarian work and contributing to your society in a really positive way.



#3: Get Fit The Easy Way

Some sports really take some cracking. They can seem to deplete our energy and after weeks of trying to crack certain techniques, we can feel that we have barely progressed. Cycling, on the other hand, offers a really easy way to get fit without you really feeling that you need to try too hard. Hybrid bikes are a great investment for people wanting to get fit as they are incredibly versatile. They are great bikes for those wanting to commute around busy city centers and they also double up as great countryside bikes for those looking to take their cycling up a notch at the weekends. So look at the models on the market that will best accommodate for the type of cycling that you are wanting to take on.


Recent research has revealed that regular cyclists can enjoy the health of someone who is ten years their junior. So the relaxation and calming sport of cycling have major health benefits even if it feels like it’s super easy.

#4: Lung Health

It is no surprise that cycling will improve the health of your lungs. However recent research has revealed that cycling for as little as 30 minutes a day can significantly strengthen your cardiovascular system which will keep both your lungs and your heart functioning more efficiently as they are receiving more oxygen.

#5: Lose Weight

We can’t talk about the benefits of cycling without talking about the dramatic effect it can have on our bodies.


Some sports peak very quickly and offer a quick rise in the metabolism, which then dissipates quite quickly. Cycling, however, burns a lot of calories, and therefore fat, during and also for several hours afterward. Sports physiologists have said that cyclists can enjoy burning off extra calories up to a few hours after stepping off the bike meaning lean bodies are more easily achievable with this sports over many others.

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