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5 Secrets Hotel Staff Will Never Tell You

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Whenever we travel somewhere far, we will more than likely spend at least one night staying at a hotel. There are numerous options available in most places we visit, and they provide comfortable settings to relax and unwind. You might assume that hotels have high standards of care and cleanliness, and in the vast majority of cases, that statement is a fact.

The thing is; there are some secrets that you may not know about hotels. What I’m about to reveal to you are things that could have or might happen to you or your room in a hotel. Hopefully, I won’t put you off choosing a hotel in the future! But, it’s important you know these “secrets” to make a more informed choice about where your next stay is. Here is what you need to know:

Your hotel room probably has more germs than your home

Sure, things like bedding linen and surfaces get cleaned on a frequent basis inside of a hotel room. And when you first enter your room, it will have some clean, fresh towels available for your use.


But, what you may not realize is that your hotel room has probably got more germs than in your home! Things like curtains and even carpets aren’t always cleaned to an as-new condition. So, if you are a hyper-sensitive dust allergy sufferer, a hotel room could be your idea of hell!


You don’t always have to pay for parking

When you first arrive at your hotel, take a look at the parking lot. If there aren’t many vehicles parked there, ask at the reception desk if they can either waive or discount your parking fees. As bold a request as it sounds, your charm might save you a few dollars on your stay!


Hotels are responsible if you get injured in them

Let’s say there is some loose carpet in your room and you trip over it and hurt yourself. A broken leg or arm could leave you out of action (and potentially broke) for a few weeks while you recover. Law firms such as the George T. Bochanis Law Offices could determine that you have a valid case to request compensation for your injury.

Don’t assume that you are to blame. If there is anything defective in your hotel room, it could lead to serious injuries – maybe not for you, but potentially for future guests.


You could be ripped off because you booked your room at the wrong time

Did you know that booking a hotel room in the morning is often more expensive than in the afternoon or evening? Hotels have a series of complicated room rates that change all the time. Usually, you’ll find the cheapest rates can be had later in the day.

Mini-bar drinks could be something other than what you thought

Last, but not least, check the seals and the use by dates on the mini bar drinks you wish to consume. If the seals have tampered, it means someone probably opened it. And if they’re out of date, the drinks are likely to make you ill!

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