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5 Signs It’s Time To Quit Your Job

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Sometimes quitting is the smartest move. We spend much of our waking hours at work – even if you don’t love your job, you should at least be able to tolerate it and feel that there’s some reward there. You should always try to give as much warning as possible when leaving and try and leave on good terms – you may need references in the future. If you can, get another job lined up so that you’re not out of pocket. Leaving a job is a big decision, so make sure it’s definitely the right decision for you first. Here are five good reasons to walk out the door and pursue another job elsewhere.

You dread getting out of bed in the mornings

If the prospect of going to work fills you with such dread that it’s a daily struggle to get out of bed, this is a clear sign that the job is not worth the reward. Decide what it is that you dread so much and look for a job that doesn’t have that stress. The job is likely taking a strain on your mental health, either causing you to be depressed out of boredom or anxious out of stress. Before quitting, it could be worth seeing is counseling has any improvement in your ability to endure the job. There are many specific counseling services out there for work related stress such as Kendal Therapy work related issues. If counseling does little to ease the stress, quitting should be the next step to save your mental health.


There’s no opportunity for progression

A job needs to have a sense of progression. This may not necessarily be the chance to be promoted, but there should be some way of taking on new responsibilities – you don’t want to be stuck in the same routine day-in-day-out. Some jobs may always offer new types of work, and so many not need progression – only you will be the judge of this. A good time to leave might be if you’ve constantly run for a promotion and been rejected or if responsibilities are being taken away from you.


Your employer is bullying you into leaving

If an employer is bullying you into leaving, you may still be able to get in touch with HR services and have the employer removed, but this is only if you really love the job. Letting yourself be bullied out the job might be the best thing to do if you’re not enjoying the job. Consider taking legal action afterward as bullying someone into leaving is illegal. It may even count as unfair dismissal, in which case there are specialist lawyer services such as Anderson Gray unfair dismissal to consider. This way you’re not letting the bullying boss win.


Colleagues doing the same job as you are getting paid more

A bad wage isn’t a reason to leave a job as you can often negotiate this. However, if people doing your same job are getting paid more, it might be a sign of a boss that has favorites or simply appreciating your talents. Find a boss that pays you what you deserve.

The job is damaging your physical health

No job should damage your physical health. It’s possible to take prevention methods such as wearing protective equipment in most jobs. However, you may have pre-existing medical problems that are simply aggravated by certain jobs, in which case you should look for a new job rather than making the condition worse.  


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