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5 Steps to Attain CISCO Certification Successfully

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IT certification seems to be easy thing to attain as there are so many online and offline training courses available globally. The certifications may be decided according to the individual’s career progression as well as his current responsibilities. Amongst various certifications falling in entry level to expert level ranking, CISCO certifications are considered to be quite important for career growth in networking. Though selecting the certification or opting for the training CISCO program may not sound difficult, one can follow the tips given here to make it work positively for the growth.

#1: Know your Certification & Set the Achievable Goal

There are many certifications falling in different categories but you won’t be able to achieve all simultaneously. Some of these certifications are prerequisites for other certifications. In order to make things work the way you want, you need to have the clear picture of the certifications you are targeting in given time. Try to stick to the goal, so that you don’t end up losing your target due to procrastination. If opting for CISCO certification, make a line map of all the certifications and begin from the basics as most of the certifications require basic certification first. Proper planning will help you allot appropriate time to each section of the course to achieve timely completion.


#2: Find your Mode of Training

Once you have decided the course of action and set your goals, you will now require proper training to achieve the same. You may come across many books and online tutorials supporting self-study for the certification, but very few may be able to make the maximum use of the same. Unless and until you are the one who is self-motivated or self-driven, you will be required to join structured training program. If possible make use of all modes of training like study material, classroom training, lab sessions, and online tutorials. Check out with those who have successfully completed their CISCO certification. Join the CISCO community. Remember, well-structured training will help you achieve your goal in time.


#3: Emphasize on Practicing what you Learn!

Any sort of certification is aimed to prepare the professional for the real world challenges. The certification is awarded only after specific hours of lab based exam. The practical approach of training is therefore quite important. Even if you have learnt all tools and protocols by reading books or online tutorials, you will be required to undergo practical training sessions to understand the exact application of these tools. There are many training schools that take care of both theoretical and practical aspect of the course to ensure successful completion of course. Usually it is 40% study and 60% practice that work!


#4: Take along the Basics

Many professional leave behind basics in order to learn advance technologies. While learning advance technologies is very important, it is equally important to regularly sharpen your knowledge of basics. Subnetting that is one of the most basic concepts of CISCO engineering is often neglected. Those aiming higher certifications want to jump on advanced tools and technologies. Consequently, they ignore the basics! It is usually observed that the basic concepts like subnetting are used by the CISCO engineers throughout their careers. One may feel that mastering the basics may call for lot of time, but it is really worth! When you are doing something for long term advantage, investing time won’t matter at all. Put in maximum time in learning and you will notice the advantage when you will take it up as your career. Being a CISCO engineer needs knowledge but being a successful CISCO engineer requires knowledge, practice, dedication, and up-gradation.

#5: Don’t Ignore Up-gradation

Any latest technology would get obsolete with time. Even if you have invested lot of time and energy in achieving your CISCO certification, it would lose its charm without regular up-gradation. Take out time to update your knowledge and see what’s new! Up-gradation of knowledge may not require too much of efforts. All you need to do is check what’s new and try to apply it in your day to day work. Once you have the hands on experience on new tools, it would be quite easy for you to include those in your knowledge bank. It will also help you at the time of re-certification.

CISCO certification is important tool for networking professionals at all levels. Find the certification for your grade and set your goal today!

This article was published on behalf of Inter Networkz is a well-known networking institute in Bangalore, India. They are authorized training center for IT giants like Cisco, Microsoft and EC Council. They offer Certification and Diploma programs in Network Engineering, IT Security. Visit their website for more information.

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