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5 Things That Define A Hardcore Gamer

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If you want to be a hardcore gamer, you’re going to need a few things. You need a way to separate yourself from the casual audience. To be able to hone your craft and identify yourself as the elite, you have to take additional steps. The chances are that you’ll end up doing most of these anyway out of habit.


If you want to really identify as a gaming expert, you’ve got to have the knowledge. When your friends and family come to you – the “gamer”, for advice, you need to know what you’re talking about. You’re probably already keeping up to date with the latest gaming news, but what about the old stuff? History is just as important, and you need to know how gaming evolved to this point. Pick up books and old study material about consoles like the ZX Spectrum. Learn about new technologies such as virtual reality as well to prepare for the future.Skills


Hardcore gamers can’t exist without the proper skills. Again, this is probably something that you already have. Why? Well, you spend so much time playing video games that you’ve become really good at them. You see, skills come with practice. Anyone could be a good video gamer with the right dedication and an idea of what is needed. If you’re not bothered about spending lots of time playing games, then you aren’t the definition of a hardcore gamer.



Gaming Equipment

To get that extra edge in competitive gaming, you’ll want the equipment to do the job. In particular, you can buy all sorts of things to boost your gaming PC. The keyboard and mouse that you’re using aren’t meant for gaming. You’re going to want the best gaming keyboard and mouse you can get, as well as headsets and gaming chairs. The difference between standard equipment and gaming equipment could improve your game ten-fold.

A Competitive Nature

Casual gamers dip into single-player campaigns and occasional multiplayer matches. Hardcore gamers, on the other hand, are incredibly competitive. The most hardcore of them all turn their gaming hobbies into eSport contests, turning it into a profession. They’ll dedicate hours and hours of their time to honing their craft in just one video game. If you haven’t got that “one more game” mentality, you’re probably not going to become a hardcore gamer. Online multiplayer contests add almost unlimited longevity. Many hardcore gamers never get bored with them, playing them for hours on end.


A Natural Passion For Video Games

Everything we’ve already mentioned goes back to the fact that hardcore gamers love what they do. I mean, really LOVE it, to the point where people sometimes become worried for their health. Is it an addiction? That’s for you to decide. You don’t want it to become an unhealthy obsession, but being a hardcore gamer doesn’t necessarily mean that’ll happen. All it means is that you have a passion for this like other people do for things like books and music. Don’t be ashamed of it, just keep it in check and don’t let games consume your life.

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