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5 Tips for Choosing the Hotel for You

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How do you choose a hotel or any form of accommodation whenever you’re out of town or out of the country? What are your factors to consider?

As first impression, you may think that pinpointing the right hotel fit for your needs is difficult. With today’s broad reach in just a few taps in the keyboard and a few clicks of the mouse, it’s actually easier than it seems to be.

When looking for a hotel to stay, surely you want to ensure that you’ve made the right choice and not get surprised by the unexpected downsides of it. If you’re a frequent traveler, you know you’ve had a few hiccups when booking a hotel and by now, you know the do’s and don’ts already.


For those who need a little help in finding the right hotel for them, read on and let us aid you in choosing the perfect place to stay for your travel journey.

#1: Consider the Proximity

Location is the most important factor to consider when finding hotels that are up to your standards. You might find a nice hotel but if it’s far from the airport and puts a dent on your itinerary, it could eat too much of your time hence, ruin your plans.

If you’re strict in time and will be in the place for business, it would be better to stick close somewhere central. For easy searching, check out your itinerary: where you’ll go, what you’ll do and how far is it from the train station, bus terminal, cab terminal, etc. if you want some place quiet, you might want to check out hotels near the beach, park, sea, etc.


#2: Ratings

Okay, you might find the best hotel for you only to find out it has average ratings and a number of negative reviews. No problem, move on to your next option.

The key is to draw a line between which hotel best fits your needs and which one has high ratings with the most positive reviews. If you go with a family, make sure that you look for the ones which has high ratings and reviews with regards to its family-friendliness. If you’re traveling solo, surely you don’t mind booking in a hotel with less amenities; only the basic necessities, and only a two- or three-star rating.


#3: Read all the reviews

Since ratings can be a bit misleading sometimes, be sure to check out the reviews—the good and bad ones, to weigh in all the information you need. Keep an eye on travel blog or website reviews and hotel recommendations. They’re more honest than anonymous reviewers and more reliable than star ratings. Watch out for sponsored posts though.


#4: Services

If you’re only there by yourself for a good three-day stay cation, chances are you’ll look for one that has a nice pool and restaurants around the area. And of course, a good Wi-Fi spot.

Have you reviewed the inclusions if ever you book for them. Also, ask if there are any other extra fees you need to pay once in the hotel and if there are any fee for use of amenities or other facilities. Otherwise, you might get surprised with all the other extra charges you had no idea existed beforehand. Your standard for the amenities should depend on how long, what for and who you’re with staying in the hotel.

#5: Check In and Check Out

You should know that hotels have a check-in and check-out policy. Most hotels allow check ins at 2 PM or as early as 12 NN, others vary based on their policies. The same goes for check-out.


You don’t want to get surprised arriving at the hotel after an exhausting red eye flight only to find out you couldn’t check into the room til 2 PM, do you? This is far worse if you’re on a vacation with a family. Better contact the hotel to accommodate your arrival time.

You’ve read on your hotel option’s reviews (both negative and positive); services, amenities and facilities; convenience of location, rates and the likes. Have you come down to the hotel which best fits your needs?

Have you ever experienced any hotel nightmares or a nice, worry-free hotel experience? Share it with us!

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