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5 Tips for Men to Look Fabulous at Weddings

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Weddings are a tricky affair. Whether it is you who is getting married or a friend whose special day you are going to, dressing for a wedding can be quite complicated. A wedding is complicated dressing only because though it has a very stated dressing style but at the same time, a person is free to experiment.

While there are so many styles for women and so many different things to concentrate on for a hit wardrobe, it becomes quite hard for a man to impress with the limited types of apparel as well as accessories they wear. But if you’re a fashion conscious man, we know you definitely want to dress to the nines and there is a simple guide to turning those eyes at weddings.

There is a simple rule and an even simpler guide to all of this. The simple rule is to dress according to your own age, keep in mind style but never fail to experiment.


Let’s take a look at what this simple guide can teach you about looking fabulous at weddings:

# Don’t wait until the last moment for the tux-

Sure, you will not buy a tuxedo or have it custom fit until it is you who is getting married or you are in the wedding party. Even then, don’t wait until the last moment to get one especially in spring or summer since weddings are mostly planned for these seasons.


# Comfortable yet stylish shoes-

Always ensure you wear comfortable shoes for the walking, the standing as well as the dancing. A wedding may not be the greatest occasion to break in those new shoes.

Make sure you carry an extra set of comfortable yet at the same time, uber stylish shoes in the car. Simply slip into them at the time of the reception and dance the night away.


# Pocket squares-

If you are a very stylish man, you may want to work with these but please remember that they may not always suit your face type or even your suit or tux. Don’t go too playful if the bride intended for the occasion to be a more solemn, elegant affair.

After all, you do not want to be remembered for ruining her wedding album and being out of place.


# Go for a playful shirt-

You should not feel the need to always pull out solid colors when attending a wedding. It is always advisable to play unique with a checked shirt or even a textured one. This is so both because it will make you stand apart as well as hide stains should you drop anything on your clothes.


# Ties-

This one is an absolute essential when going for black tie weddings. Now, there is a wide range to choose from, both in terms of the tie as well as the pattern or color. Remember to play with the colors of the wedding, maybe look a class apart with a patterned tie. Even work polka dots if you think you can pull them off.


You can buy ties ranging from slim ties, regular ties or bow ties for men in UK online from websites such as tiesnsuch.co.uk. Bow ties can really make your eyes pop if you have the jawline for it.

Now, put on those sunglasses and get ready to rock the wedding in your new found style.

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