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5 Web Design Trends That Will Explode In 2016

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With the rapid advancement in technology, there has been a quick change in the habit of Internet users. And even website designs have evolved accordingly.

We saw some interesting graphic design trends and techniques dominate the Internet in 2015. Diverse colors, rich media content, cool navigation were predominantly used by designers across the globe. And we believe, 2016 is likely to get bigger and better for the web design world.

Curious to know what design will rule the web this year? Given below is a list of five web design trends that you are more likely to see while you surf around the web.


Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)

SVG was all the rage in 2015. We expect them to dominate this year too. This is the best format if you are looking to create an animated website for your business. It makes your page look crisp and readily adaptable to any screen width. The best part is SVG files can be easily edited using text editor and code-modified using CSS or JavaScript. And yeah, any bulk image can be easily compressed to unbelievably smaller versions.



Sometimes, the colors, media, and sounds are not what your visitors really care about. They see the text. What better way to entice them than using bigger, bolder, and better texts by opting for Typography design?

Most businesses use this technique to deliver the message to their audience while giving them an easier reading experience. So, you could check this out as well. By the way, if you’re fond of using tools, then you should probably check out the most effective graphic design tools recommended by the pros.


Ghost Buttons

These minimal, stylish, transparent, clickable buttons are taking the web world by storm. Who would have thought that a few cool buttons can change the way users take action on a site? They pair well with images and videos and make hovering more engaging. Most sites use these buttons to increase their conversion. Rectangle is the most popular shape, but you can experiment with square, circle, and even diamond buttons!


Rich and Dynamic Backgrounds

We saw a lot of bigger-image backgrounds being used in websites last year. But it only seems that we’re going to see a lot more than that this year. With 3D movies gaining so much popularity among the audience, designers are spicing their sites up with 3D pictures and special effects. Give wings to your creativity and let these visual elements draw the visitors’ attention towards your marketing messages.


3D backgrounds are the perfect choice particularly for sites in the entertainment and commercial industry. This year, don’t be surprised if you see websites using more of HD video backgrounds.

Interactive Websites

Let’s face it! People are bored of the usual, boring websites. They want something new. If you want to make them stay and check out your pages, go for an interactive web design. Try everything ranging from Micro Interactions to Animation to Layering Effects in order to boost the user-friendliness and credibility of your site.

When it comes to having a successful web design – one that works – it’s all about giving a memorable browsing experience to your visitors. The more time people spend on your site, the more will be your Google rankings. At the end of the day, this is what determines your conversion.

Final Words

These are the top design trends that are gaining quick popularity among designers. Whether they rule the web or not is something we need to wait and watch but we’re sure you’ve got some cool ideas on how to make your website  and interesting for your audience.

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