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6 Innovative Kitchen Renovation Ideas for any Budding Masterchef

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An Indian kitchen always has the aromas of delicious curries and masalas in the air, especially if you are a fan of cooking. An ideal kitchen space would offer minimal clutter and maximum efficiency. To make this possible, you might have to cough up more than a few tens of thousands rupees.

If you’re working with a tight budget, you can always apply for a home renovation loan, which can come in the form of a loan. The personal loan procedure involves some technicalities that you should keep in mind. Ideally, your kitchen renovation should make your kitchen space 100% more usable and effective. Here are a few tips on how you could make your kitchen more innovative to suit your culinary needs.

#1: Style it to Simple Ergonomics

The first thing you need to keep in mind while renovating is simple ergonomics. The height of the kitchen appliances, counter tops, the space between the counter tops and the top cabinets are factors you should consider before making decisions.


Taking the ergonomics into consideration will help you make the most of your kitchen space and allow you to style it the best way possible.

#2: Optimize the Storage System

Storing cutlery and other utensils can be a task if your kitchen is small or if the cupboard space is insufficient. Keep a track on the number of items you have and which space is most suitable to store them. Keeping that in mind, get your storage system designed.

If your kitchen is small, avoid adding too many top cabinets, as that can make the kitchen feel boxy. Too many cabinets also make it difficult to find things that you might need. Opting for open storage could make your kitchen look brighter and more spacious.

#3: Open Racks and Trays on Counter Tops

Indian food is always seasoned with a combination of delicious spices. For faster and efficient cooking, ensure that your counter top or cooking station is equipped with open racks, trays, or shelves that can hold all the spices and herbs you need. Keeping it close will allow you to reach them easily while cooking, thus giving your space a refreshing look while making it useful.

#4: Customize your kitchen Space According to your needs.

Your kitchen might be very spacious or absolutely tiny, but it is essential that you feel comfortable in the space while cooking. It isn’t always necessary to increase the size of the room, so if you feel the original design does justice to your kitchen, you can always keep it the same way and add a few modifications.

The countertop, appliances, lighting can all be redone to suit your style.

#5: Light it

Illuminate your kitchen uniformly to make the space look brighter. Fix lights in all of the functional areas to help you work efficiently and safely. If you install your lighting system the right way, you can add a more sophisticated and modern look to the kitchen.

Candescent lighting is a popular system in most kitchens. You could be more creative and add lights in the flooring, which would be ideal for those midnight trips to the kitchen. Similarly, you could add lights in the cabinet to make it easier to look for sometime hard-to-find ingredient jars.

#6: Replace all Pipes

Safety is priority, so when you are renovating, ensure that you replace, or clean out, the water and gas pipes to ensure they work smoothly. Getting it done at this time will not only make it safer but also cost you less. Replacing them can also eliminate any chance of future accidents.

So, go ahead, avail of a personal loan for home renovation and add a personal touch to your kitchen.

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