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6 Places to Explore in the Sweet City of Ahmedabad

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A Largest city of Gujarat, today Ahmedabad is one of the most developed cities of India. The city also attracts a good number of people every year because of it being laden with various famous tourist places. The city has also seen powers shifting from one empire to another and is famous for the Sabarmati Ashram where ‘Father of India’ Mahatma Gandhi stayed for more than 12 years. If you stay in Hyderabad and want to experience a city that has a vast history attached to it then Ahmedabad is the place for you. Book your Hyderabad to Ahmedabad flights today to get lost in the historical city of Ahmedabad. Here are some of the most famous tourist places you should explore while in Ahmedabad.

1. Sabarmati Ashram

Sabarmati Ashram: Situated on the banks of the Sabarmati River, the Ashram was set up by the very hands of Mahatma Gandhi who dwelled here for 12 years. Sabarmati Ashram was known to be the point of the peaceful movement for freedom and also served as the base for the acclaimed Salt Satyagraha. As per the old Hindu texts, the ashram is said to be situated on the antiquated site where sage Dadhich yielded his ribcage to make weapons for the Gods.


2. Bhadra Fort

Bhadra Fort: Worked in the fifteenth century by the Muslim ruler Ahmad Shah I, the Bhadra Fort serves as the city’s cultural point and contains royal residences, mosques, and monstrous gateways. The structure was revamped and extended a few times through the span of history and after the British captured Ahmedabad in 1817, it additionally served as a prison amid the British Raj. Today the structure contains government workplaces and is utilized to raise the Indian national flag amid the Independence Day and Republic Day functions.



3. Adalaj Stepwell

Adalaj Stepwell: Adalaj Step Well was worked by a Muslim ruler for the Vaghela ruler Rani Roopba in 1499. The structure is a finely carved water repository and is 5 stories in depth. The structure was inherent the Hindu Solanki engineering style and is octagonal from a top. The well is one of the best cases of the Persian-Muslim impacted design blended with the Hindu engineering with its carvings, models and the engravings that portray the tale of its origin.


4. Akshardham Temple

Akshardham Temple: One of the biggest Hindu sanctuaries on the planet, Akshardham Temple was inherent 1992 and is committed to Lord Swaminarayan. The complex is spread around a monstrous region of 23 acres and serves as a place for dedication, arts, meditations and present a sublime cutting edge Indian engineering. The sanctuary was likewise a site of terrorist assaults that happened in 2012 and killed 30 civilians. The 7 foot tall overlaid statue of ruler Swaminarayan must be seen by every tourist.


5. Kankaria Lake

Kankaria Lake: The biggest lake in Ahmedabad, Kankaria Lake Is a man-made lake worked in the fifteenth century by the Muslim ruler Sultan Qutbuddin and served as a bathing place for the rulers. The lake is spread over an area of 3 miles and is built as a 34-sided polygon with steps that lead into the water. The best time to visit the lake would be amid the Kankaria Carnival, which is a week-long celebration held amid the last week of December.


6. Juma Masjid

Juma Masjid: Worked in 1421 AD amid the rule of Ahmad Shah, the Juma Masjid is one of the biggest mosques in India. The mosque is inherent an ornamental Indian Persian-Muslim engineering and contains the tombs of the Muslim ruler, his wife, and his sons. The structure is constructed completely in sandstone with multifaceted aesthetic carvings, sandstone meshes (correctional facilities) and columns. As indicated by the engravings, the mosque was expected to be utilized by the Sultans and their family.


With so many interesting places to explore in Ahmedabad, get ready to experience history from close quarters. Just look out for airfares of tickets on Hyderabad to Ahmedabad flights as they fluctuate every day due to heavy traffic.

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