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6 Travel Tips for Introverts

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Have you ever daydreamed about packing your bag and just go on a road trip wherever your gut directs you but afraid to go on the journey by yourself? If you do feel similarly, you are not alone. There are people who are held back to explore outside because of certain fears such as being alone. While there are some who much prefer the pleasure to roam the world by themselves.

Introverts aren’t all shy and aloof. Some are more comfortable being on their own without the company of others. If you’re an introvert yourself who seem to think traveling is not feasible to do for you, fear nothing and chin up. You’ll get up one morning without anything holding you back and ready to go regardless if you’re with a group or flying solo.

Not all travelers are extroverts. In some situations, introverts make the best travel companion, even. If you’re planning to go on a travel adventure, here are some useful tips for introverts on how you can make it happen and make the best of it.


Have an open mind

Open your doors to possibilities for they are limitless especially when you’re out exploring a new destination. In addition, be open in immersing yourself in other people’s culture and tradition; be open to learn from and understand them. They may have beliefs opposing your own but it’s always good to hear them out and know where they’re coming from.


Pack something that will keep you company

Small talk and sparking up a conversation with someone is probably the least you want to do. To keep others from chatting with you and to keep your peace at bay, never forget to bring your earphones with you or book to keep you company. Listening to music, audiobooks, podcasts, or reading a magazine or book is a good way to avoid conversations and gain something while waiting for your flight or during wee hours.

Be open to communicate

Introverts aren’t all anti-social. These people also enjoy having conversations and social interactions with people from time to time. When you’re chatting with someone, just be yourself and be confident, fake it perhaps. It can get pretty lonely out there and don’t be afraid to approach someone or to bid them goodbye when you’re not feeling it.


Sign up for tours

Guided museum or city tours with a group can be fun. You can choose to walk on your own or approach a solo traveler or group to tag along throughout the tour with. It can offer you company when you need one. It can be fun.

Don’t forget a travel journal

Introverts are keen observers. They enjoy watching other people and process what’s going around them. Moments like this are more interesting when traveling especially in places you’re unfamiliar. What better thing to do during this time? Write down what you feel, what you see, what you hear, anything that you find and observe. Journaling can be a fantastic way to document your travels and your observations.


Go on your own

Aside from being the best travel companions, introverts might also be a better traveler when going on solo adventures because they are perfectly fine with their own company.

You can do whatever you want without having to wait for a group, no need to worry about others. There will be times where you’ll yearn for someone to travel with but with plenty of locals to get in touch with, that hole can be easily filled. Introverts travel differently and often times, make their travel more meaningful because of their character.

Any other tips you can give to other fellow travelers? Share your thoughts below!

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