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7 Easy Ideas To Arrange Your Books

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Books are the most beautiful friends one can ever make. When the whole world stands away from you, know that books won’t ever leave you alone. They are not just words inscribed upon white pages; they are the magic lanterns which can take you to another world. When you are too tired to dwell in your stories, take refuge in the stories of the characters from books. This way, you also get to make new friends. Are you one of those bookworms? Do you love collecting books? In that case, you must be aware of the problems associated with decorating your book shelf. Here are some ways by which you can arrange your book shelf.

#1: Buy a handsome bookshelf

If your old shelves are all too packed up with books and you have been thinking all these days to purchase a new one, this is the time. Get hold of a large and smart bookshelf that can both accommodate a large quantity of books plus, is also very stylish. Place it in your study room or you can also keep it in your bedroom so as to maintain easier access to books, even when you’re lying on bed on Sunday afternoons.


#2: Make small labels

In order to arrange your books properly, you can divide and subdivide them into various genres. Cut out small labels from a large white chart paper and then write the names of various genres which you can then stick on the upper borders of the shelves. Divide the books into genres like Crime and Thriller, Romantic Comedy, Restoration Tragedies, Shakespeare, American Fiction, Victorian Poetry, Postmodern Plays and so on. You can also divide them according to the names of the authors like Dickens, Jane Austen, Virginia Woolf, Borges, Samuel Beckett, James Joyce and so on.




#3: Start with the uppermost rack

Depending upon the size of the shelves and the number of books you have, start placing your books on the racks. Start with the uppermost rack. Arrange the books in an ascending order in terms of their size. Do not place them one after another in a very tight way; leave some space in between so that one book can lean against the other. This is just to give them a beautiful look. Large, heavy books should be shelved on sturdy shelves, usually the lowest one. Do not shelve them above head height.


#4: Sort according to color

You can also sort the books according to the colors of the books. You can put all the blues and reds together or you can also make a rainbow by placing the colors in VIBGYOR style. Sometimes, you can even create some pattern with colors that will go with the theme of the texts. This might be a little time consuming but nonetheless, worthy.


#5: Sort according to usage

There are some books which you need regularly. May be they are a part of your academic research or you simply love to read them over and again. For them, save the lowest rack so that you can easily take them out whenever you need.


#6: Other decoration

Although the primary object to reside within a bookshelf should be books, you can also keep small decorative elements like a soft toy or a pair of tall candlestick beside the books. They will not only draw attention of your guests but also make it easier for you to locate books you want. It all depends on your bookshelf for further decoration. If it’s huge enough, you can also put on some cool paintings or hangings.

#7: Maintain the cleanliness

It will not do just to arrange your books. You must also maintain the beauty. Keep books at the proper place after you have taken them out and read. Clean your shelves once in two weeks or at least once in a month. For further arrangements and ideas, you can contact Painters and Decorators, Chelsea. They are the best ones to equip you with more ideas and help.


Get into the habit of buying more books. Carry a book along with you, whenever you travel. Never think twice before buying your favorite book. They are the greatest assets!

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