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7 Great Ideas for Low-Cost Gardening

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7 Great Ideas for Low-Cost Gardening: There is no need to spend a small fortune in order to have a nice garden. All it takes is some thinking and commitment and you will have a garden you always wanted. Not only that gardening is a fantastic hobby but it can also help you save some money. That is why growing a garden is always a great idea. And if you want to do it and manage to save some money in your pocket make sure you check out the following 7 ideas.

Go Paperless

There is no need to spend money on buying gardening books and magazines. You can always join a local library and do all the research over there. You can copy all the parts you might find useful. Still, the best way to access all the guides you need is to look up for them online. There are so many resources online today, and will surely be able to find something you can use. Besides PDF books, you should also check YouTube as there are many instructional videos that can help you. There are also podcasts and blogs about gardening you can follow for free.


Make Compost

Another thing you will have to do is prepare the soil for your new garden. If you live in a place where the soil is fertile there will be no need for composting. On the other hand, if the ground in your backyard is not good for gardening, you should start making compost. Take any vegetable and fruit scraps you might have and keep them lidded until they start decomposing. Make sure you keep the compost on a warm temperature. You should stop adding new things in the bucket around three months before you want to use the compost.


Turn the Soil Over

If you decided to garden in your backyard, you will also have to turn the soil over. The least expensive way to turn the soil over is to do it manually by using a hoe. If you do not plan to have the huge garden this is also the best way to cultivate the soil before you start planting. Still, if your garden is too big, turning the soil over manually will quite difficult. In that case, you should think about renting a tiller that is going to churn up the soil for you.


Find Proper Seeds

Almost all the food we buy today is hybridized which means that the seeds inside them are sterile. So you cannot simply reserve seeds for the plants you want to grow in your garden. Still, there are some tricks you might find useful. For example, you can find a potato with several eyes and plant it after leaving it in a warm area for around 3 weeks. But for many other plants, you will have to acquire proper seeds, at least at first. You can buy seeds or find plants which are grown naturally and use the seeds from them when it is the time to plant.

Join a Gardening Club

If you are a beginner when it comes to gardening, joining a garden club is always a good idea. You should check the community bulletin board at city hall to find organizations like this. You can also stop at a local gardening store to get information about any local garden club. Such clubs are great for beginners as you can get a lot of advice and support. Most of the members probably do not grow a hybridized plant which means that you can trade seeds with them in order to get the right plants for your garden.

Get All the Equipment You Will Need

When growing a garden you will surely need some quality equipment. As mentioned above, you will need a hoe to prepare the ground for planting. Shovels, spades, and other digging tools might also come in handy. Having a nice set of gardening gloves and some plastic buckets is always a good idea. If you want to protect your plants as much as you can, you should also think about getting some knapsack sprayer. If you have an old wheelbarrow you can use it to get all the equipment to the garden.


Recycle as Much as You Can

There are probably many items in your basement you have absolutely no use for. Still, when you start gardening, things like that can be quite useful. You can use some unwanted lighting fixtures to make your garden accessible during the night as well. Also, some old wicker baskets and beer crates can easily be converted into containers for some of your plants. If there are some old ceramic tiles in your basement, you can think about using them to make a path in your garden.

As you could have seen above, starting a garden does not have to be expensive. Make sure you do all of the above-mentioned things and you are guaranteed to have a beautiful garden and manage to save some money as well.

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