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7 Things to know if you’re planning a Trip to Australia

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Australia is a heavenly country adventure-seekers list down on their travel bucket list. It’s going to be a big trip so naturally, thorough planning and preparation is a must before you go straight Down Under.

Beyond the kangaroos and koalas; and the pristine beaches the country offers, get to know these important points before you soak up the Australian summer sun and explore its picturesque natural wonders.

Australia is huge

If you plan on spending just a week or two in Australia, you’ll miss out a lot. The travel time alone will cost you hours—drive from Sydney to Melbourne takes 9 hours—other destinations will take up less while some can take up to 3 days.


If you can only afford to be there for a week or two, make sure that you come visit the famous Opera House and Harbour Bridge in Sydney. Of course, you also can’t afford to miss the Bondi beach. On the other hand, if you have the time and resources to explore the intimidating 6th largest city in the world, plan at least a 2-month long journey to truly see and appreciate its wonders.


Chug a pony or a schooner

In Australia, you don’t order a pint or half-pint. Instead, pub-goers drink a pony (140ml), a seven (200ml), a pot (285ml), a schooner (425ml), or a pint (570ml). The measurements may be different but the quality of Australian beer will exceed your expectations. In fact, the country has so-called “bottle shops” (drive-thru liquor stores) to serve the people booze shopping convenience.

Learn Aussie slang

Since you’re already getting a hang of their beer slang, learn Australian slang in general. As you may already notice, Australians have their own slang words (as do other countries) that can be completely different if translated in American English.

For instance, arvo = afternoon, thongs = flip flops, togs/bathers = swimsuit, slab = 24-pack of beer, Macka’s – McDonald’s, tomato sauce = ketchup. If you already find these perplexing yet strangely beautiful, wait til you hear their slang phrases. For the meantime, research on the basic slang words to blend with the locals.


Cars drive on the left

Since Australia was colonized by the British colony, the cars drive on the left hand side of the road. This tip is useful for when you decide on renting a private vehicle to traverse with around the area; or when walking and taking the public transport—be sure to look both ways before crossing to ensure your safety.

Tipping isn’t necessary

Unlike in other countries such as America, Turkey, South Africa, and others, tipping isn’t necessary in Australia. Why? Because workers there receive generous wages in the first place. Service charges are already included in the bill so there’s no need to leave some tip. However, if you find the service exceptional, feel free to express your gratitude thru this manner.

Traveling there will cost you a lot

This is for real and you should take note of this. As recommended, budget about $100 daily including accommodation, food, transport, and activities. Getting around in Australia isn’t cheap, city trains and buses can cost you $3-$4.

Before you head a trip there and book your ticket, make sure that you have and will save enough money to cover for your basic necessities and expenses to fully have the Australian experience.


You’ll never run out of activities to do

Camping, hiking, skiing, swimming and tanning by the beach, diving in the Great Barrier Reef, explore the Fraser Island (world’s largest sand island where you can do all three—hike, camp, and swim). Explore the Outback—your AU trip wouldn’t be solved without seeing the crocodiles, lakes, valleys, and red desert—visit their national parks to sight see these treasures!

If you want to take a peek and people watch inside their corporate world, walk around the CBD in Sydney and get a glimpse of the business side of Australia. As you can see, there are a ton of things to do and see in this continent. Better decide on which places you’re eager to see to plan ahead!

Have you visited Australia already? Share us your experience and your personal tips and advices to our dear readers!

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