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7 Time Management Tips for Students

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Time management had always been a powerful tool that helps people to keep up with the intense rhythm of our life; it helps us to set priorities, gradually complete our daily tasks without rush, helps us reach the maximum productivity, and it saves our time. Let’s see how to move from stress to success in school in just seven steps.

#1: Examine your habits and activities.

To do this, you will need to observe your own behavior during one or few weeks carefully; try to keep a diary and make notes about your actions, activities, conversations, meetings, and thoughts throughout the day. Such approach will show you how effectively you spend your time, what approximate number of tasks you canper form in one day, and it will also determine what “unproductive” actions you should get rid of.

#2: Start planning.

Do not begin the working day before your plan will be completely ready (you can prepare your plan in the evening) and try to keep at least half of the planned actions aimed at obtaining concrete results.



#3: Do the hardest task first.

There can be no two opinions – you cannot effectively manage your time if you hesitate, and by postponing some things, you waste time and usually in large quantities. This is one of the best tips for high school students. If you couldn’t understand a difficult topic in math – start with it, or if you previously always paid to assignment writers Australia to write papers for you – it’s time to start doing it yourself.

#4: Do not forget about the rest.

While making a plan for the day, don’t forget to devote at least some time to rest, it can be not only lunch, but also a fifteen-minute coffee breaks, or even a half-hour relaxation (total relaxation in the silence — of course, this is only possible if you have a separate room in the dorm).


#5: Priorities are the keys your success.

Setting priorities is one of the essential time managing skills, and if a scholar can learn ways to do it right – it will move him half way closer to his aims. Why is it so important? First of all, a human does not possess an inexhaustible supply of energy and motivation, which means that if you try to “keep up with everything” – you will more likely fail in your beginnings. That’s why it is so important to distinguish main tasks from not so important ones, and distribute your energy in accordance with the priorities to use it where you really need it.

You should never expend all your energy without a need! Instead, try to analyze your typical day and define for yourself whether you are using your “energy charge” effectively, are you working with your full potential, and is there something you can do to increase your productivity?

#6: Learn to deal with the time-eaters.

During studies, homework or other important actions, try not to distract on extraneous things; close unnecessary windows on the computer (games, social networks, entertainment portals, news sites and so on). If you are a smoker, refrain from smoking while performing important tasks: you should be able to survive one or few hours without a cigarette. Do not answer to not important phone calls. Do not indulge in dreams about the upcoming holiday, and in general, do not do anything that may briefly distract you from the main task.

#7: Aim for success and eliminate stress.

Are you feeling stressed out from minor things that you have to do, and for taking responsibility for such actions?

Fortunately, you have more control and possibilities than you used to think; the fact is that stress and time management usually go hand in hand, and when you win one, you can conquer the other. Start with eliminating stress in everyday life, write out notes or make a list that will include everything you had already done during the week.


Focusing on success – you will reduce stress, and it will save your time.

These are top seven practical tips for good time management skills, but you can go further and open all potential by learning more basic nuances of time management and leadership. Believe in yourself and good luck!

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