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7 Tricks to Click the Best Still Life Photos

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While you photograph a still object, you are creating an image and not capturing a moment. As the subject here is an inanimate object, you can take time to fix the lights and experiment with the composition. This is one of the best ways to photograph and there is little need of a fancy gear either.

Let’s check out on some ways to best click inanimate objects.

Choose the Background Right

Keep the background as simple as possible. The crease free backgrounds are one of the best places to start and you can always include a few scarves or fabric, draping them over the table or the background as you deem fit.


The white or the colored cards or paper also make great backgrounds. You can also use a plain wall as your background.


Take your Time

Never rush while you set the scene. Take your time. Make sure everything is looking right and move the objects till you get the best composition.

Think in terms of triangle. They are high on one end and taper off at the other. Use items differing in size and color and add different textures. Try to move around your camera. Moving it just a few inches can at times make a huge difference. Do not forget the basics like the rule of thirds or usage of negative space.

It is easier to photograph just one object. Avoid the shiny items like metal or glass as these are quite tricky to capture. You can try to introduce more items, play around with different textures and colors.

Experiment as much as possible to click the best shot.


Choose your Subject with Care

Choice of subject depends upon you completely. Undertake a search around your house to find out if there is something interesting but simple to start with. You need not always click the pictures of fruits or flowers since everyone else is doing it.

Think out of the box.

First begin with shooting single objects. After you have mastered the single object shots, try mixing things up, combining objects of different color, shape and texture.

Choose the Right Lights

Lights need not always be expensive. The studio lights may not always be in your budget. Remember that you have complete control on the shoot. If you want, you may find a room where you can block the natural lights using curtains or shutters. This will help to have complete control over the light upon subject.

You can use the standard lamps. Make sure to try multiple positioning set ups. Lights need not always come from the front of the object, sides or the back to add depth, interest and shadows to the shot.

You can choose a room that is lit by a window. Use this to your advantage. The natural light from one side will light up the subject perfectly, complementing it with a reflector or a lamp.


Avoid Moving

It is better to use a sturdy tripod as well as a remote shutter release for still life pictures. This will help to use the longer shutter speeds coming with smaller aperture. The small apertures allow the subject to remain in focus, allowing the eyes to focus on the scene.

A larger aperture, on the other hand may blur the background.

Approach from Multiple Angles

While using the tripod, it is often quite tempting to remain at the same place and shoot. Avoid this and try to experiment with different angles and positions.

You can try the bird’s eye view. This can lead to intriguing shots.


Get Inspired

If you are struggling with the lights, backdrop and the structure of shots and feel that you need some inspiration, you can check out on the masterpieces. You can also attend the photo workshops in Dubai. You can search online for the renaissance still life masterpieces too.

Checking out on the paintings will help you think about the forms, shape and the way different colors work together. This will also give you a few ideas on the ways you can click a picture, forming strong and engaging images.

Now it’s your turn to take a shot. Set aside some time for practice.

As soon as you master the basics, try and be innovative, experiment with the camera angles and different sources of light like candles.

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