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8 Habits of Highly Productive People

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You are not a productive person, but want to become one. You have problems when you need to do your daily tasks, like lack of motivation for finishing things. Is there anything you can do about it? Are there things you could change today and become an inspired and productive person from tomorrow? Let`s see the 8 habits of highly productive people that you need to become familiar with!

#1: Automate everything that`s possible!

Thanks to the modern world of technology that we are living in, there are a lot of things that you can automate. Even if certain things can`t be entirely automated, a large part of it can be done by a certain system that eases your job. If you have 5 or 10 tasks to do a day, check which of them you could partially or totally automate. There are actually a lot of things that we are doing but aren`t making us productive, such as sorting emails, deleting spam emails, paying bills or programming meetings. The activities that are unproductive should all be automated if possible.


#2: Everything you need to know about timelines

One of the basic productivity-related habits is establishing your timelines. Not establishing your deadline allows you to do certain things for a too long period of time, while you are not conscious that you could do more tasks in shorter time frames. But when you have your timeline set for your activities, you will actually complete it in the established time frame, if you really want to. Productive people encourage everyone to set timelines, meaning that you are willing to finish your task in the given time frame. If you have a lot of things to do for a day, timelines are the key; it doesn`t matter if it`s one hour, one week or two weeks.


#3: What about time pockets?

You may not know what time pockets mean. The answer is simple; time pocket is the time that remains between your activities but more importantly, events and highly productive people actually know how to use these `breaks`. You may get time pocket when you are waiting for an event to start or for a person, as examples. If you check your schedule, you can easily notice which of the time pockets can be efficiently used. If you have activities that you could do during time pockets, it`s a wise thing to take action. It is important to understand that you can do a lot of things in a short time!

#4: Keep yourself away from distractions while you`re working!

There are a lot of things that could distract your attention from your important tasks, such as unwanted phone calls, messages, a slow computer or the music that you are listening to, while working. The Internet and the email alerts have the same distracting effects. It`s easy to get your attention distracted and not do what you have to. It is important to notice the moment when you tend to slow down from work and identify the things that distract your attention. By blocking distractions and creating the right environment, you can become highly productive. The more distractions you remove, the more productive you become – simple as that!


#5: Set up your barriers!

In the modern world of technology and socializing networks, people are just a text message, Facebook message, email or phone call away from us, so it`s extremely easy to reach someone and get into contact with a person. While fast contact is a great thing nowadays, it also means a distracting aspect from our important tasks. Every few minutes there could be text messages, Facebook alerts or phone calls distracting your attention. It is important that you shut down your phone or even log out from Facebook, if needed, when you really want to get your work done! You don`t need to disappear, but set up your barriers for at least the hours that are meant for working.

#6: What is your inspiration in life?

Finding the things that inspire you in life is one of the key secrets of highly productive people. It is very important to identify your motivators and make them drive you on your way, while fulfilling your goals. If your inspiration is about being recognized for your work, developing people, helping people or being the #1 hero in your field, establish it as your best motivator or inspiration and let it drive you.

#7: How to efficiently integrate breaks into your daily routine?

A lot of people believe that being highly productive means that you`re working 24/7, like a robot, but this is the wrong way of perceiving things. On the contrary, working non-stop makes you even less productive. The truth is that the more hours you spend with working, the less productive you become because you take more time units for certain tasks. This is how some tasks will last longer and productivity significantly decreases. Most importantly, the moment when you become tired is inevitable and it`s useless to force yourself for further work. This is where the importance of strategically implementing breaks arises.

Certain life circumstances, like health or family problems will not always allow you to fulfill your tasks. It is important that you take some rest every day after work, without exceptions – recreation is the key for the next productive day! It doesn`t matter if you`re employed or self-employed, you can easily apply some relaxation time day by day. Take short breaks whenever you feel unproductive.

#8: Focus ONLY on what`s important!

Finally, the 8th habit of highly productive people is about ignoring everything that`s unimportant. Ask yourself about your tasks: do these lead you to success; are they good on the long run and how important they are. When you find something unimportant, you shouldn`t spend more time with that! You need to focus only on those tasks that will make a difference at the end of the day; it`s not ideal to spend time with activities or tasks that don`t lead you anywhere.

Now that you`ve become familiar with the 8 fantastic habits of inspired and productive people, you can start applying and practicing these in your everyday life and perhaps, become the next highly productive person!

This guest blog is provided by Karen Cole. She is one of the many bloggers on health and wellness niche. To find out more women’s health news, visit Karen’s blog.

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