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8 Jobs Ideal for Every Travel Junkie

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Have you ever found yourself daydreaming, sunbathing at a beach, enjoying a morning ski, climbing up a mountain, or roaming in new places, while at your work desk? We know how you feel.

You may still wonder how it’s possible that other people manage to travel while working, the answer is: they travel to work (and the other way around). Now, who doesn’t want to have travel opportunities while working?

There’s no issue if other people prefers to save while they work a 9-to-5 job and then pursue their travel dreams once they have enough money. It’s basically one’s own preference. But for those who want to travel and not escape the workforce, but definitely values time, you might want to explore a wide array of career options.


The jobs listed here would require you to have the right set of skills, qualifications, experience, and hunger for adventure. Are you ready to make a career change and start your exploration? Here are # of jobs for those who love to travel.

#1: Flight Attendant

This one’s not a surprise. Obviously, being a flight attendant requires you to fly to different parts of a country or internationally. Depending on one’s schedule, they may spend a day or up to a week in London. If you’re afraid of frequently flying, you might want to skip this career as we all know, flight attendants work to serve 95% of the time in-flight.


#2: Travel Writer/Blogger

This one’s obvious but seriously, who doesn’t want to work visiting new places, restaurants in the city, hidden gems, stay at a resort halfway around the country, and the likes, to make a review or blog post about it?

Even better, all your expenses are paid for by the restaurant that invited you to review their food, hotel that invited you to review their rooms and services, and the likes. It’s essential to have hundreds, thousands or millions of viewers/followers though. Don’t let “work” swift from your mind though.


#3: Auditor

Sure this job may not send you to exotic places and beaches, but it would still offer you lots of opportunities to travel to companies and businesses that demands your attention to check their records for accuracy as an auditor.


#4: Archaeologist

If you’re a lover of culture, history, and adventure, this could be the one for you. You’ll need to have a degree to get a position in this field. Albeit depends on what type you specialize in as an archaeologist, chances are you may still travel to various locations to do fieldwork: dig up ancient ruins.


#5: English Teacher

Good news to those native English speakers and fluent non-native speakers alike: a teaching credential or an English major badge aren’t that much essential for this job (unlike auditors and archaeologists).

Hundreds or even thousands of jobs for native and/or fluent English speakers are awaiting to be filled in countries such as China, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, and many others. You may teach part-time in small villages in exchange for boarding or small amount of money as ell. Although, most positions may require a bachelor’s degree and professional certification so be wary of that especially if you plan on sticking around full time.

The job allows you to immerse in a different kind of travel experience: since you’ll be staying longer in a different city or country, you’ll be able to delve deeper into their culture.

#6: Au Pair

If you’re one with good hands and eye to care for children, being an Au Pair should be the perfect job for you. Even better if you’re knowledgeable of a second language. You may use that advantage to go to other countries and apply as an Au Pair, the chances of getting hired for the job is higher.

Au Pair means living with a host family in another country foreign to you. You’ll be looking after your host’s children and render other services you’ll come to terms with. In exchange for that, you get free boarding and a small salary. The best part? It allows you to explore the city/country on your days off, and immerse in their culture.


#7: Photographer

If you’re more on the creative side of things and a real adventurer at heart, going on a gig as a photographer; given you’re skillful, knowledgeable, and have the equipment, could be the best career choice for you.

Pick up your camera and shoot in the wilderness, snap architectures, cover a wedding or events, and the likes, and get paid for your services. You may also sell your images/videos online if your opt for it. It’s a great travel opportunity not to pick up!


#8: Event Coordinator

No, we’re not referring to wedding, party, and other local activities/events coordinator (but hey that’s also great for local traveling!). Instead, we’re talking about national and/or international event coordinators (e.g. music festivals, Pick up your camera and shoot, large-scale events, and other festivals and activities).

This needs no extensive explaining since it’s quite self-explanatory: meet and greet various people of different nationality, see celebrities and artists, feed your wanderlust—all the while doing your work.

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