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8 Predictions Exploring Tech Trends of the Next Decade

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Cool looking cities, flying cars and robots in every house. Do you imagine your future like this? With technology developing rapidly, your future will soon be like this.

People often say that we should not worry so much about the future. This saying is not true for the technological world. You always need to think about the future if you want to remain updated in this digital era.

Here are some predictions about the way technology will evolve in the coming years.


1. Really Smart Smartphones

The smartphones can do anything that the regular cell phones cannot handle. There are a number of services enhancing the smartphone experience. There is plenty of scope for improvement in this sector. The phone needs to be smart in all the aspects. What do you think of a voice-enabled locking system?

The current instrument tracking programs are possible to give a slip, if one is smart enough.

In case you cannot find the phone in your apartment, you can call the smartphone by its name. Your phone will respond to your call. There is little need to set a password for your phone. No one will be able to operate your phone even if that gets stolen.


2. Climate Controlled Jackets

The secret to all weather clothing, the climate control jackets are already in use. They are used to warm you up or cool you down by sending an electric current. The armed forces of a few countries are already using these jackets. It is only a matter of some time when all the countries will start making use of these climate control jackets.

3. Athletes Employing Robotic Trainers

Picture a drone tracking a pattern on your T-shirt using an onboard camera. Now imagine it flying in front of you at high speed. This is just the beginning. This simple concept was developed by the researchers in Australia.

4. Bridges Repairing Themselves

The concept of bridges repairing themselves using self-healing concrete was invented by an engineer at the University of Michigan. This new composite comes with microfibers that can bend without breaking. The hairline fractures can mend themselves within a few days. Amazing, right?

5. Cloud Diary

Most of us are in the habit of penning down thoughts in diaries. We tend to write about stories, poems, daily activities or anything that comes to mind.

Difficulty arises as soon as an attempt is made to translate thoughts into words. Moreover, these thoughts seldom crop up at a specific time. We will never be able to write a poem every day at 11pm. The solution is to carry a diary wherever you go. This will help to jot down the creative ideas as soon as they come to mind.

Imagine yourself sitting on a crowded bus when a thought comes to your mind. You want to pen that down but it’s tough to take out the diary. Just take out your magic pen and write down the thoughts. This pen will act as a projector. When it is switched on, it can project a screen. This screen is similar to the touchscreen devices. As soon as you are done writing, switch off the pen.

6. Easy to Build Houses

If you don’t construct a house all by yourself, you will find it tough to get a house that matches your dream. There are limitations on the availability of the amount of land. Despite this limitation, we need to have a compact but powerful house where we can stay with our family in harmony.

A solution is available. You can actually make a blueprint of your house using software and then feed the construction machine with the raw materials that are essential to build the house. Wait for a few days and your house is built.

This is not a dream but a reality. You must be aware of the 3D printers, right? The 3D printers can get this job done with ease.

7. Cars with Intent Engine

It is a little tough to understand the term intent engine. We don’t have anything similar to it now.

The car of the future will know of your intentions, predicting whatever you like.

Future cars will keep a track of your day, recording wherever you go and bookmarking all the interesting sights.

8. Brain Interface

We need not have bald heads with power cords stuck to ears but we can remain wirelessly connected to computers.

A direct brain interface will require typing a document with our mind, imagining a command and then make it happen. It may also refer to imagining something and then get it printed on a 3D printer.

The list can go on as our imagination has no limits. Only a few years ago, touchscreens were futuristic. They are the reality today. Let’s expect the future to unfold before us in this optimistic way.

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