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8 Reasons that will Convince you to Take a Gap Year

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What are your plans now that you’re months away from graduating high school and/or college? Others opt to continue school immediately however, there are those who choose to take a gap year before they start this new chapter of their lives.

Taking a gap year isn’t new to other countries, namely the U.S. Other universities even write to suggest taking a time off in their acceptance letters before they enroll. Come to think of it, it does make sense. After years of constantly burning the midnight oil, your mental and physical health would need enough preparation to tackle on more extreme paper works.

If you’re thinking whether or not taking a gap year is for you, and you doubt its purpose, here are various reasons that will convince you how beneficial it is to your life:


Save for your tuition

A lot of students carry a heavy burden after college, no thanks to student loans. Education is expensive, but it’s a worthy investment.

Let’s be honest here. You’ll never realize how much a burden student loans are until you graduate and started working to pay it back. It can be a hell of a burden if you’re unprepared. Taking a break before you finally enroll to school gives you time to save for your school tuition.


Take time to figure out what you want to do

Not all but some students tend to change their course a quarter or halfway into their major. One of the reasons would be because they don’t know they’re purpose and what they want to be upon enrollment. You don’t want that, do you?

Know who you really are

Aside from figuring out your purpose in life and what you want to become, you ought to define who you really are. Gap years allow people to become more mature, independent, and self-aware. The experience opens up parts of their mental and physical state they’ve never knew existed. Know what inspires you and motivates you to do what you love.

Have time to think

Once you start school, everything will move and unfold faster. You might not have a room to yourself at that moment. After graduation and once you start working, you’ll realize there is little to no time left to do things you would’ve done when you had the chance.

Sometimes, going with the flow can deter your capabilities. Just because your friend is taking up this major or doing this/that doesn’t mean you should too. Take your time; think deep and hard what your heart and soul want.


Have the opportunity to explore the world

Often times, gap year participants take advantage of the experience to travel locally and/or internationally. As the saying goes: travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer. Just don’t forget to save up for your tuition!

Being well-traveled teach you more than you can learn inside four walls

Traveling can open your eyes to a lot of possibilities, opportunities, and issues. It can shift your perspective and open your understanding to other nations and its citizens’ ideas, culture, tradition, and the likes. It hones you to be more understanding, mature, patient, and hungry to learn.


Have time to volunteer

Don’t you want to do something valuable which you can also put on your resumé? Contributing to your local community or somewhere else gives you that fulfilling experience of helping others. Also, you can build a network within the community. Helping while building up your social circle, it’s a win-win.

Prep yourself

Ultimately, don’t hesitate to take a break when you’re not ready to start this new chapter of your life. It’s a big commitment that requires determination, perseverance, and passion. If you don’t think you have all that to offer just yet, the gap year can help you to sort things out and figure out what you want and need.

What are your personal thoughts about taking a gap year? Have you gone through that experience before? Share us what you think!

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  1. Jeffrey Wade

    October 12, 2017 at 5:01 am

    Thanks for sharing the helpful reasons to take a gap year. Volunteering in the gap years can be a great decision. Volunteering is a way of gaining and learning new things from a distinct culture. I haven’t participated in any volunteering program yet, but I am thinking to participate in the humanitarian mission as my sister shared a great experience and also suggested me to get the helpful resource and utilize my gap year in volunteering with NGO.


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