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8 Ways to Spice up your Staycation

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Whether you’re spending a day or two in peace, comfort, and quiet of your humble abode or booked yourself in an affordable hotel 30-minutes or 2-hours away from home, staycations offer the same relaxation and enjoyment as a week-long vacation in the Maldives (okay, maybe not, but you get what we mean!)

Everyone wants to spend a time away from their desks, after college, right after a devastating breakup, or just a quick break for everything. However, with time and money restrictions, it’s just simply isn’t feasible for everyone.

If you’re under a strict and limited budget, you may want to stay at home and spend your staycation there. If you have a couple of cash to shell out for a cheap accommodation, good for you.


Thank the heavens for staycations! Though you’re not in Maldives or somewhere your itchy feet wanted you to be, there are always ways on how you can get the most out of your staycation.

Ditch your usual routine.

To truly enjoy the short amount of time you have at home or in a hotel, you ought to trash your regular routine—at least for a moment.

Forget your work, emails, and; laundry and home cleaning duties. This 1-day or 2-day staycation is an excuse for you to drop everything and just focus on yourself; now.

Instead of waking up at 5AM, get up at 8AM. Is it been a while since you walked your dog? Walk them out now. Always wanted to try out yoga? Enroll yourself in a class. Try something else and new during your staycation—something you don’t regularly do.


Plan exciting activities.

Though this may seem the complete opposite of a relaxing staycation, taking the time to plan our your agenda for the rest of the day(s) will actually help you get the most out of your long weekend stay.

Do you remember that one time you spent a long weekend at home and did nothing remarkable and let the hours flew by? That’s exactly what we’re preventing to happen again. Don’t let your time away from your desk and short “I time” go to waste.

Plan your mini vacation as how you would plan your out of town trip: list down a few places (i.e. museums) you want to visit, and; fun and exciting activities you want to try.


Learn a new skill.

Your upcoming staycation is the best time to learn something new and/or do that thing you’ve always wanted to.

Ever wanted to write a short poem or short story? Been wanting to take up a bartending class or perhaps baking? Always wanted to sign up for archery, a dance class, or yoga? Whatever it is, now’s the perfect time to go for it.

Eat somewhere you’ve never been before.

When was the last time you tried out a new restaurant? Maybe this is the perfect time to try out that new restaurant in the corner.

You’ve always stuck with your comfort zone—your go-to food chains and restaurants. Spice things up this time around. Dining in a new restaurant is enough to feed that little adventure your heart craves. Somehow, it fulfills your wanderlust.

Go and splurge.

Don’t worry about spending a little too much. You deserve to treat yourself to a fancy restaurant, new sneakers or clothes. Or buy yourself some materials to start your craft. Chances are, even if you splurge a bit, you would have spent less than an out of town vacation.


Document it.

We live in a digital age where everything is in your hands and just a swipe or tap away. Now, you don’t need to own a DSL; your iPhone or Android phone is enough to capture the remarkable parts of your staycation.

Turn your email notifications off.

Almost everyone is guilty of this: checking your email once in a while during vacations and even off hours. This doesn’t help you steer away from all the stress and worries—which are the very reason you’ve decided to go on a staycation—to somehow step away from it all, even for a moment.

Resist all the temptation and urge to open your laptop and check on your work status, and grab your Smartphone to check your emails. Let your colleagues know you’re spending a relaxing time off work and you wish not to be contacted for the rest of your vacation.


Just relax and enjoy the day.

Remember, you’re on a vacation at home (or in a hotel)–staycation. Yes, you’re not by the beach or up in a mountain but one thing’s to be kept in mind: drop everything for a moment and let this be a fun and relaxing day for you.

Just because you’re just on a “staycation” doesn’t mean you can’t get any special treatment or plan something awesome. Now, go and create your own little adventure.

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