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9 Amazing and Unique Tips for your Upcoming Corporate Events

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With the holiday season upon us, corporate events might have notched up a level of two in your office. You don’t have to think like a professional event manager to organize a perfect corporate event. There are some ways that you can follow systematically and closely to organize a perfect corporate event where everything should be right in order. We’ll see to that in this article.

1. Turn your Managers and CEO into happy campers

You have to know your event goals before that and then prioritize each thing individually. Chalk out a budget and present it to your managers and the CEO. Point out the fact that you can do maximum things within the minimum price, and at the same time you’ll leave no stones turned to make the event a grand success.

Happy campers you wanted? Happy campers you’ll get



2. Always have a plan B

Surprises can come in any way in the form of extra guests, unexpected power failures etc. So you must have a plan B to tackle such unexpected surprises.

Arrange for the extra seating arrangement, extra prepared food and other similar things for your corporate events. Those extras can help you out of tight situations

3. Ask your boss to mingle among the guests from time to time

You do want your guests to feel important; don’t you? Therefore, it’s advisable to make some of your higher management members or the boss to mingle among the guests on a rotating schedule at the time of the event.

Point this fact out to your management at the time of the meeting. Talk about the importance of such courtesies and they’ll certainly understand the significance of your point.

4. Make sure that your guests experience your event’s entire array of activities

If your event’s too grand, there are high chances for your guests to miss out on something or the other. Ensure that they don’t miss out.

There’s a simple way to ensure this fact. Hand your guests a detailed printed plan of your event including the floor plans and the location of the food stations.Now they can decide what they will miss and what they won’t.

5. Maximize the reach of your invitations

There are a number of aesthetic ways that you can use to maximize your invitations. E-mail invites can do the trick. You can even use social networking sites to good effect.

Or do you want to do something traditional? If you want something traditional, you can always go for those beautifully designed invitation cards that you have to send via post or courier to your guests.


6. Name your dishes

Nametags can be the zing factor of your corporate event. Attach a name tag to your dishes. It can be anything, starting from the name of a song to the name of a movie. Just be a little creative with it and you’ll see this idea rocking your event. It can also make your event memorable to all.

So what names can you use? Take a peek at these 2 examples and you’ll surely get the point: Rambo the chicken, Slam bang ice cream etc.

7. Mirror photo booths

Photo booths can create a whole lot of fun in any event whatsoever and the same idea is applicable to corporate events as well.

If you want to look a little more flamboyant in your choice of photo booths, you can go for those techno-freaky mirror photo booths. These are reasonably priced as well and can be that X-factor of your party.


8. Choose your event location well

Everybody loves a unique and aesthetic party location. Try to choose one that lies in such a category. A simple choice of good location can triple the fun of your event that that in a conventional zone.

Also, ensure the fact that the location has convenient parking spots for your guests so that they don’t face any trouble in parking their cars.

9. Security

Last, but definitely not the least you must ensure that your event security’s right up to the mark. Do not compromise anything in this aspect if you expect the attendance of special dignitaries at your event.

So you see systematic planning is all you need. The key is to take one step at a time and you’ll surely see your event turning out to be some sort of a grand success in the end.

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