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An Affordable, Quick, and Hustle-free App Builder for iOS and Android Apps

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We all know how back-breaking it can be to sit for endless hours of coding and still fall short of time to finish that mandatory project (app) on time. What if we say there is an App Builder which has an assortment of pre-defined templates already ready? Yes, you heard it right! ApploadYou is one such tool, loaded with hundreds of pre-defined templates to create mobile apps.

At ApploadYou, we have done all the groundwork and created more than 100 templates which should be plentiful for you to get the desired results. Be it templates related to Sports Restaurants & Bar, Entertainment, Business, Design & Portfolio, Events & Causes, Digital Publishing, Music & Band, Miscellaneous, Locations & Places or be it E-commerce we got it all covered. All you have to do is to choose a template as per your requirement, customize it to your liking or your requirement for that matter, and publish it. Bingo!


And, most importantly you will get all of this just starting at $25 a year with the price tag maxing out at $175 per year. We will talk about the pricing and plans later, but, before we do that, allow us to explain why you have to choose ApploadYou at the first place.


Why ApploadYou?

  • It’s Fast, you will no longer have to burn the midnight oil to get that pressing app done.
  • It’s Easy, all you have to do is to pick a template, edit it as required, and boom, and there you go.
  • No skills required, you just have to log in and start building apps.
  • No coding required, you don’t have to be a Java pandit to get the work done. We have already taken care of everything, just log in and get your app ready.
  • Moreover, it is affordable, with a price tag starting at just $25 per year for a Starter plan, $25 per month for a Pro plan, and $175 per year if you choose the Gold plan.


Appload Video Overview

What Do You Get from Apploadyou?

Create Apps: The ability to create mobile apps and most importantly, to create apps without worrying about the coding part. Ranging from apps related to iPhone to kindle applications, you can build mobile apps for most of the major app ecosystems (iOS, Android, and Kindle) at an affordable price. Additionally, whenever you add new content to your already live app, we send your updates to all the devices which have your app installed via the cloud. Now, isn’t this something we have all been looking for?

Communicate: The inbuilt features of this tool allow you to communicate with your users in the form of push notifications. Meaning you can ask your users to send feedback and work on the areas which have garnered negative feedback.

Monetise: The Internet is one such place where anything can happen, yes you can even earn money. While you can simply create a shopping cart, place some ads in your apps and earn money, you can also offer digital content, eventually, to fetch you some extra money.

Publish: With this App Builder, you can simply create apps to publish your magazines or simply you can create a Newsstand for that matter.

Share: Also, the App Builder allows you to create image galleries, share videos and lot more. For example, it allows you to add the View 360 degrees feature to your app which in turn allows you to create/view amazing panoramas.

Customer Support: At App Builder, we offer 24/7 customer support for all our customers to assist them in order to overcome their problems at any given point of time.

Statistics Service: With the track statistics feature one can always track statistics related to their app through Google Analytics – a service which is widely used to track the website and mobile apps statistics.

PhoneGap Integration: Whenever you are creating a mobile app, you can wrap your app with the PhoneGap to deploy it to mobile platforms. What it essentially means is that it enables native features using some of the web techniques.

InApp Purchase: The App Builder also allows its users to sell additional content using Apple’s very own InApp Purchase system.

Pricing and Plans:

We know you all have one single question in your mind!

How much do the App Builder services will cost? And, for what its worth what does the App Builder got to offer? Allow us to give you a fair idea on how much this tool will cost you and what will you get for each plan.

Like we’ve said earlier, there are four different plans to cater the needs of almost every individual. We will walk you through all the four plans below.

Tester Plan: The Tester plan is the most basic plan of all and doesn’t charge you any money. This plan offers you to test the App Builder and create apps as well. However, it doesn’t allow you to publish the apps.


Starter Plan: The Starter plan allows you to create 5 applications once you have enrolled in its services. Besides, it offers you to send Push Notifications and features like Apple’s In App Purchases. Also, you get App Store, Play Store, and Amazon submission with this plan, all of this at just $25 per year with no setup fee.


Pro Plan: The Pro plan offers almost the same features as what the Starter plan has got to offer except for the fact that you can create unlimited apps instead of creating only 5 apps. Also, there is a change in the pricing as well. With the Pro plan, you will have to pay $25 per month as opposed to the $25 per year.


Gold Plan: With a price tag of $175 per year, the Gold plan is the most premium plan of all. It offers you to create unlimited applications, send Push Notifications, avail the InApp Purchases feature and submits your app in App Store, Play Store, and Amazon as well. Also, like the rest of the plans, there is no setup charge.


Simple steps to follow to create a app without coding

Create your own apploadyou developer account by simply follow this link for free registration. Once you registered with the given link, then you can activate your account, then keep moving to create a awesome mobile app without coding by the following these simple steps.

Now, you will redirect to Application template page with your login, and then follow the first steps

  1. Select a Starter Application: Here, you have to choose your relevant template for your business, there are lots of different categories of templates are available. So, we selected a good fit for my blog – Blogger – Free application template for bloggers with many features and unique design. Choose your targeting mobile OS from the drop-down Target -> Android -> Preview ->Use This Template.

step-1-blogger-tempate-apploadyou           2. Edit & Configure: This tab give a full access to edit your first page of your app whatever you would like to have. Simply click the Edit page setting -> Layout Design, Edit Images, Add blog RSS


Here, yo can change your layout design with various options like Drag & Drop & HTML code


3. Install on device:  They provide a download link to install on your device to check & test your created               mobile app without coding from Apploadyou.

4. Publish: This final step will guide you to publish your mobile app with Google play store. To publish your app into play store, then should activate your subscription link from belowapploadyou-activitation

Eventually, it all comes down to one question, whether you should consider buying this service or not?

For what it’s worth, the App Builder offers a plethora of pre-defined app templates to choose from, meaning you have everything required to create an app in minutes. All you got to do is edit the templates as per your requirement and publish the apps in App Store as well as Play Store.

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