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All India Bar Council Exam Study Material 2015

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The All India Bar Council Examination (AIBE) is an under authority to survey the limits of legal advisors to direct their practice before different courts in India. The exam will check out the essential aptitude and choose to have fundamental standard to experiment the chosen profession. It will highlight the looked at limits and have keen on the basics of law. Following to the assertion of results, the Bar Council will issue ‘Certificate of Practice‘ for the effective competitors. The Bar Council conducting an exam in all more than 40 places in India in 11 languages. The local speech people’s can be selected by the hopeful. The inquiries will be in target mode and the applicants can suggest books and materials while noting the inquiries. The Legal Education Committee together with the authorities of Bar Council of India broad casted the warning in regards to the All India Bar Examination on April, 2010.


Recent, AIBE 2015 have decided to give some changes on old syllabus by adding some more important subjects like The Law of Limitation, Family Law, Constitution of India, Law of Arbitration and ADR, Jurisprudence, Environmental Law, Administrative Law, Corporate Social Responsibility, Professional Ethics and Professional misbehavior cases under the Bar Council of India Rules, Company Law, Law of crimes, Law of Evidence, Civil Procedure Code, Criminal Procedure Code, Cyber Law, Tort, Contract, Labor and Industrial law and International law such new subjects are entered to syllabus.

AIBE IX, Exam Syllabus 2015:

AIBE IX Exam pattern will be multiple chosen choice questions & it will be an open exam. I.e. you can open you books & notes in your examination hall whenever you want and always in open.

No’s: Subjects Number of Questions
01 Constitutional Law 10
02 C. P. C 10
03 Cr. P. C 10
04 Evidence 8
05 Law of Contract, Specific Relief, Prop. Laws, Spl. Contract N. I. Act 20
06 I. P. C 6
07 Jurisprudence 3
08 Professional Ethics & Cases of Professional misconduct under B.C.I. rules 4
09 ADR + Arbitration Act 4
10 Limitation Act 2
11 Company Law 4
12 Family Law 4
13 Labor + Industrial Laws 6
14 Administrative Law 3
15 Law of Tort, including Motor Vehicle Accidents, and Consumer Protection Law 6
16 Total 100

All India Bar Council Exam Study Book & Guide 2015:

Below listed study books are well written & easy understanding for all type of students, which was collected & order with best reviews of the previous students from various resources.


AuthorDr.S.M.Rajan & Dr.P.K.Jain

PublicationCentral Law Agency

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All India Bar Exam Sample Question Paper [FREE [FREE DOWNLOAD]h3>

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