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Amazing Tips on How to Layer For Cold Weather

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Come winters and my love for layering clothes starts. It’s that time of the season where not just hot cup of cappuccinos and warm blankets give me joy. But piling of clothes also makes me ecstatic. Layering clothes the right way not just help in making a style statement but also provide protection in the really cold weather. However one can’t just put on a number of clothes and call it layering the right way because the only tag that person would be earn would be that of an ‘Eskimo’. There are numerous ways in which you can work out the warm layering strategy. Here’s how:

#1 Get Started with Basics

A basic is the key foundation to how your layered outfit will look. This involves a lot of thinking. Think of solid tops or shirts that are plain and will go with many middle layers. Think of a denim shirt which is a versatile clothing piece. If you opt for a dress, make sure it fits well otherwise you might get a baggy look. You can even go for a jumpsuit to pair up with blazers. But your basics should be light-weight and not bulky.

#2 Move to Middle Layers

When it’s time for you to decide your middle layer, choose something that is comfortably warm such as vest, sweater, cardigan, jumper or even crop top. Crop tops will help you make an instant style statement. Opt for nicely knitted ones and layer them over a top or shirt. To bring in the element of sportiness, buy shoes after browsing through Converse shoes price list online and flaunt them! Denim jackets look uber cool with dresses.


#3 Add a Pop of Color

Middle layers are a great way of injecting a good dose of colors in outfit because they give more dimensions to your look. You can opt for neon shades to break the monochrome look of your outfit. You can even choose to add sequins in the most subtle manner here. Go for funky prints through a sweater or cardigan.

#4 Don’t Overlook Scarf

Scarves have the ability of transforming your look from a 7 to 9. There are plethoras of ways in which you can wear it and turn on heads. If you are dressed in all Black and white, break the monotony of colors by opting for a colored scarf. If your outfit already has a generous dose of different colors, go with a scarf with neutral undertones which doesn’t looks clashing. Or go for a sultry winter look by teaming your all black outfit with a wine shade scarf with pom-poms. Shop for a huge variety of scarves online by using Limeroad coupons present on CashKaro.com as they will fetch you amazing discounts on your purchases.

#5 Layer your Jewellery

Because it’s not just clothes that we are talking about. It’s time to get more out of your summer accessories. The right Jewellery can turn any look of yours into a glamorous one. Think of pairing your dress and biker jacket with a beautiful bib necklace adorned with embellishments. Or your maxi dress with a denim jacket and high heels boots with a pair of statement earrings packing that perfect dose of allure.

#6 Seal with Outer Layer

The outer layer will be something which will make or break your outfit. It can be a leather jacket, oversized coat, cape, fur coat or sweater. The thing to keep in mind here is that the outer layer should work in such a way that even if removed, your outfit doesn’t look bad. Finish off with winter accessories.

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