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America’s Greatest Sports Ranked

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There’s only one thing that American’s love more than food and that’s sports. America’s love their sport so much that the TV schedule is based around it. When the Superbowl is on, nothing else can compete with it. It’s simulcast in hundreds of different countries around the world. Then there’s baseball. If you’re wondering why The Big Bang Theory has gone on a four week hiatus, it’s probably because of Baseball season. The Big Bang Theory is easily still one of the most popular shows on TV. But it can’t compete with America’s favorite pastime.

How about hockey? When the college season starts, people make bets on which team is going to come out on top. Is there any other sport in the world where the college games are broadcast on national TV? Finally, there’s Ice Hockey. While primarily a Canadian sport it’s been widely embraced by America. So much so that it’s quickly becoming one of their favourite sports. There are other sports in America too like Hockey and even lacrosse. But the big four are the ones we’ve already mentioned. Here is our ranking of them in order then, from best to worst.


Arguably, the best sport that America has to offer is basketball. There is nothing better than watching an NBA basketball game. It’s nothing short of magic. The plays are incredible, the shots breathtaking, the atmosphere, euphoric.



Watching the professionals play basketball has been described as watching poetry in motion. The way the players soar through the air as they jump for the shot is truly phenomenal. Many people who were lucky enough to see Michael Jordan play really did feel as though they were watching a man fly. There’s no contact here either, no foul play or brutal tackles. Basketball is a non-contact sport and that’s one of the reasons it’s at our top pick. As you’ll soon see some of the other sports on this list get brutal fast.

Basketball and the NBA have managed to stay out of the limelight for such controversy. Sure, there have been accusations of steroid use in the past. But it’s still rare compared to America’s other sports. You can read more about steroid use in sports on www.bleacherreport.com/articles/155381-top-ten-notorious-steroid-users.

However, that’s not the only reason basketball is our top pick. There’s never a dull moment in a game. Each quarter is packed with countless shots and points being scored as well as incredible plays. Unlike the next sport on our list, you’re never sat waiting for something to happen, watching a basketball game.


It’s telling that baseball is referred to as America’s favorite pastime. Not America’s favorite sport. We’ll get to their actual favorite sport further down. But first, it’s interesting to understand what makes baseball so appealing. Well, first it’s impossible to deny that when there is a hit, it’s often incredible. The ball will soar hundreds of meters. If there is a catch, it can feel like you’re watching an amazing feat.


But then there are the long waits for anything to happen at all. Baseball games can last for hours. And in those hours time can be pass without anyone getting a single hit. This can make the game incredibly boring for the crowd. More so even than for people stuck at a cricket match. But if you focus on this, you’re missing the true appeal of this sport.

It’s an event. Each team has a mascot to warm up the crowd. There are massive screens that display the scores and interact with events in the crowd. The crowd meanwhile are stuffing their face with lager and hot dogs while watching the game. In a way, Baseball is the true communal sport. In many ways, it’s more fun for the crowd than it is for the players.

Baseball is also embraced at a very young age in American schools. You have little league, and that’s taken almost as seriously by parents as the National Baseball League. You might think we’re exaggerating, but we’re not. Go to a little league game and you’ll find the feeling in the crowd ferocious and competitive. No one embraces competition in sports more than America. You even get that baseball equipment specifically made for youths. You can find reviews on sites like www.thebaseballdiamond.com.

Ice Hockey

Yes it’s a Canadian sport, but it’s been embraced South of that country more than you probably imagine. In fact Ice Hockey is becoming as popular as the last sport on our list. If you want one of the most brutal sports, look no further. If you love the sight of blood and teeth being knocked out this the sport for you. American Ice Hockey is horrific, violent and incredible. The injuries you’ll see sustained during ice hockey or worse than ones you’ll witness in a bar brawl. Player are smashed into the glass or thrown to the floor as each time tries to get the puck in the goal.

That’s not to say there isn’t beauty in this sport as well, though. When the puck flies through the air towards the goal in a flash, it’s quite mesmerizing. But that doesn’t change the fact players leave the arena battered, and occasionally unconscious.


American Football

That brings us to what is still America’s favorite sport to this day, Football. The NFL owns a day of the week. It’s not just America either. Hundreds of millions of people watch the Superbowl all around the world. Why then, is American football at the bottom of the list? Well, despite Ice Hockey being brutal American Football is still more dangerous. There have been cases of brain damage and paralysis occurring due to an injury in an American football game. There has even been a recent film about the research that shows injuries in American football cause brain damage. You can read more about that on http://www.theguardian.com.


However, we can’t deny there aren’t some incredible moments in an American football game too. When you see someone going all the way down the lie to score a touchdown, it’s incredible. If you’re in the crowd, you’ll find yourself lost in the moment as you watch the winning athlete.

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