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Are you a Biker? Here’s why you should Buy Body Armor

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If you love riding a motorcycle, then you would know that little extra padding and that carbon fiber on the armor jacket can actually come in handy when you are riding in rough fields or bouncing along a place. But still, a lot of us constantly wonder whether high tech armors, including Forcefield Armor are actually any good. Like all of us know how indispensable a helmet is, but really, is the armor necessary?

A lot of bikers erroneously believe that these armor jackets are uncomfortable and therefore, they may be unnecessary. But actually, they are quite comfortable. And in fact, armor related researches prove that they have injury reduction benefits. So, if you are fond of riding a motorcycle, then you should actually consider wearing protective clothing on a regular basis. In fact, Motorcycle Accident in Depth Study, which was done in Sydney, Australia reveals that riders who wear leather jackets and armors tend to have lesser injuries, in case of an accident. They even spend an average of seven days less in a hospital and return to work earlier than those who don’t wear such protective clothing.


Now, you would sit and imagine, accidents are uncommon and such a thing won’t probably happen to me. Right? Well, we hope that you are always safe and an accident never happens to you. But still, what’s the harm in spending some money and protecting yourself for the rest of your life? Considering how body armor, including Forcefield Armor can reduce injuries, both common and detrimental, you should seriously think of making an investment on it.


Reduce your risk at biking with Body Armor

Body armor for motorcycle riders is must have because it has been proven to reduce lower-body injuries as well, from something as simple as chipped elbows to pipe burns or knee fractures. High tech body armor in particular can dramatically reduce risk of injuries and death. So, if you are one of those who loves riding the bike in the sunset, then armor is definitely an option for you.

As a biker, when you decide to purchase body armor, consider buying products that protect elbows and knees. You should have a leather jacket that is at least 1.2mm think. If it is not that think, you should consider getting a specialized armor. Elbow and knee protectors are a must have as well. You should also have a chest armor, rather than a back or neck protector because these armors can actually absorb the force of a blunt impact. Of course, depending on your budget, you can go as high-tech as you would want!

Lastly, remember that your neck is a terrible thing to waste! So, don’t go stupid and always choose a neck collar that can protect your collarbone and the neck is general. Why? Because necks and collarbone are the most common broken bones in motorcycle accident.

So, keep these factors in mind and get body armor before you ride your bike next.

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